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  1. Cherished number

    General BMW Discussions
    Anybody help with this one. I am taking a car off the road to sell it but i want my number. Do i take the number off then SORN the car or SORN the car then take the number off. I need to put it on retention until i get the new car it's going on in my name. Any idea what i should do.
  2. Cherished Plate

    Hey all you BMW lovers ?❤️ Thinking of selling my private number plate X6 SEC if anyone is interested ☺️
  3. Cherished plate transfer help

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi I have just purchased a used car for my wife from a bmw dealership. I also have a private plate on my name which I want to put on her car. Was on a retention certificate with me and the gurantor. I have added her as a nominee on dvla website and paid £25 Do you know how long it will take for...
  4. cherished number plate help

    General BMW Discussions
    Just bought my first personal number plate. The previous owner has paid the change of nominee fee and I recieved a V778W document from the DVLA a few days ago. I rang the DVLA yesterday and they said the the previous owner had to fill in section 1 and 6 with signitures! He hasn't done this. The...
  5. Cherished number plates ???

    BFuk Open Topic
    Like them YES or NO
  6. Cherished Plate transfer help

    General BMW Discussions
    I am selling my E60 and want to transfer the plate onto my next car. I have done this many times before, albeit the dealer did the paperwork. My question is though, if I were to part exchange with another car that has a cherished plate (something that I have come across with this week) is there...
  7. ebay auction number plate - X6 ENG

    General BMW Discussions
    Just come across this number plate for sale on ebay so I thought I'd share it with you all incase one of you may fancy it :thumbsup