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    Anybody help with this one. I am taking a car off the road to sell it but i want my number. Do i take the number off then SORN the car or SORN the car then take the number off. I need to put it on retention until i get the new car it's going on in my name. Any idea what i should do.
  2. Introductions
    Hey all you BMW lovers ?❤️ Thinking of selling my private number plate X6 SEC if anyone is interested ☺️
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    Hi I have just purchased a used car for my wife from a bmw dealership. I also have a private plate on my name which I want to put on her car. Was on a retention certificate with me and the gurantor. I have added her as a nominee on dvla website and paid £25 Do you know how long it will take for...
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    Just bought my first personal number plate. The previous owner has paid the change of nominee fee and I recieved a V778W document from the DVLA a few days ago. I rang the DVLA yesterday and they said the the previous owner had to fill in section 1 and 6 with signitures! He hasn't done this. The...
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    Like them YES or NO
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    I am selling my E60 and want to transfer the plate onto my next car. I have done this many times before, albeit the dealer did the paperwork. My question is though, if I were to part exchange with another car that has a cherished plate (something that I have come across with this week) is there...
  7. General BMW Discussions
    Just come across this number plate for sale on ebay so I thought I'd share it with you all incase one of you may fancy it :thumbsup