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    A little bit pissed off with BMW, I ordered my new car last June and on the order form I specified Apple Carplay. I don’t own an iPhone but I have an iPad mini with over 100 gb of music on so the idea was I threw this in the glovebox and connected the idrive to it. The sales rep also thought...
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    well i removed the manifold today at work to find this little bugger trying to run away... spot which one lol (i had already removed the actuator and the actuator bar aswell)... it seemed to have broken off at the first screw on the that holds the flap on to the spindle... inside the EGR...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    It's got nothing to do with other AMG drivers, no offence. I just heard this story from my old friend back in Korea. He was in a car park trying to park his car. Young couple in C63 AMG parked the car in disabled area and a park assistant asked them politely to leave as it is for disables. The...
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    bit shocked at how cheap these seem to be now, just needs wheels and sports seats
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    Hi all - I wonder if someone with 'mad skillz' (!) with photoshop could have a go at re-colouring my AC Schnitzer rep wheels in this black chrome type paint in the supplied M5 alloy picture? It's beyond my basic photoshop skill...... Any help would be much appreciated - thanks in advance. Here...
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    Well I am truly hopeless at photoshop, I try my best but cannot figure it out.. I was wondering if someone could be awfully nice and get my car sitting on some 18" bbs lm alloys. I can email a high quality picture which would be better than something posted here. Many thanks Mike
  8. BFuk Open Topic
    as said i came out and it was broken off. bloody kids probably. anyone know where i can get a good deal on a new one, i want one that looks original or maybe one from bmw to keep it 100% original. had a look on realoem but cant seem to track down the part number. its a 98 e36 convertible. so its...
  9. BFuk Open Topic
    in a few weeks my lady and i will be spending a week up near derwentwater in the lakes enjoying the quiet roads (hopefully) and the superb weather!!!!!, as i'm a bugger for keep my car clean, i am panicing how i can do this, i mailed the hotel to ask, but no reply ( must think i'm mad)!!!!:eek...