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  1. BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    I have a G11 7 - I heard if you put non run flats on it... you get a tyre warning all the time? is this true?
  2. BMW Z Series - Tech Talk Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8, Z9
    Hey guys, I am not sure if my car is running rich, but it would be nice to gauge how my car fairs. I just got 205miles from a full tank with 90% city driving, but on a previous tank i got 235miles from a 95% motorway tank. Just curious to find out what people are getting from their Z3's. Cheers
  3. Forum Meets Pictures Album
    Well guys, awesome afternoon, just got home. Thanks to everybody who came along! :D The attendance was great :thumbsup Heres the photos.... :hyper Louise took over 170 but heres the best lot (still over 70 pics :eek) Meet Place No1... Thanks to Ben and...
  4. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    To keep the Gaydon 2012 Stand Attendee thread clutter free please post all your chat and banter in this thread, thank you :thumbsup
  5. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Hi guys Well firstly let me explian that i will not be attending or sorting out the shows this year, due partly to not having a Bmw, but dont PLEASE let that stop you guys, this is a fanstastic weekender with great members and a bloody good laugh if you staying on the sat/ sunday Camping is...
  6. Forum Meets Pictures Album
    Great meet and a great turnout, thanks Andy for all the arranging, had a very enjoyable day, was great to meet new members ..... just chipped the ice of my feet :hihi will post pictures up soon
  7. BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Pictures to post? questions to ask about the E31 model, chat with fellow E31 owners here. :thumbsup
  8. Forum Meets Pictures Album
    Great day out, good to see everyone again, thanks to "half plate" Seb for all the arranging...heres a few pics Pride of place and number 1 in the list goes to Bill....special award as i've never seen his car anything but spotless :hihi Bimmerforum ladies...sat...
  9. Forum Meets Pictures Album
    WOW Thats has to be the biggest meet i have ever been too and there has got to have been more than 300+ cars:jaw-dropping:jaw-dropping Great show by us boys and as allways, great to see you guys, anyone seen my stereo:hihi:hihi:hihi:hihi Ace not to many photos mate and defo not of my...
  10. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    After last years massive success regarding this show will will be doing pretty much the same with some inprovements:thumbsup:thumbsup So again this show has very limited numbers on the show stand places, so please post your name in the thread ASAP as last year numbers where limited to 20 if i...
  11. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Well the national meet crew are back with the first of many and this one last year was proper mental:thumbsup:thumbsup and some nice person at santa pod have desided to move it to the summer thank god:cool:cool so this will be the biggest and the best if the weather is as it suppose to...