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  1. General BMW Discussions
    2017 SYNOLOGY GT3 CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 2 - Daytona Road Hi all, Round 2 update for those who follow it :) Full blog can be found at 2017 SYNOLOGY GT3 CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 2 - Daytona Road JANUARY 26, 2017 For the second round of the 2017 Synology GT3 Championship we move to Daytona Road...
  2. General BMW Discussions
    For those of you who follow the SIM BOSRA 2017 SYNOLOGY GT3 CHAMPIONSHIP – ROUND 1 JANUARY 19, 2017 After a long winter break and months of preparation, BOSRA returned to the race track on Tuesday 17th January, for round one of a brand new season. The 2017 Synology GT3 Championship season...
  3. Motorsport and Drifting (BMW related)
    i mentiond a few weeks ago about a low cost sprint series being started in 2013 . well its all in place now and i have just registerd. the first round is at dale airfied at the end of march 2013. the website is here SOSC . id love to see some bmw fitting into the classes. come join me ill be...
  4. North East Region Meets
    The Northern Drift Championships round 1 @ Teesside Autodrome. 24th March 2012 - Practice - 1pm-4pm West Track, 4pm-7pm National Circuit 25th March 2012 - Qualifying and Competition 10am - 6pm National Circuit Judges - Ian Bizz Phillips, Jon JoCa Calvert and Jazz Williams 3 groups - Novice -...
  5. BMW Competition Corner
    If anyone is interested, here is the LINK.
1-5 of 11 Results