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  1. E36
    Hi all, I said I would upload some pictures of my project (and the reason I am on this forum) about a month ago but as usual work takes priority over the internet! Ive only got a couple of pics for now but I'll update as the project progresses. A brief explanation of whats happening with...
  2. Introductions
    Make that very different! Hi everyone, I'm Aaron from Lancashire and since the age of 15 I've owned a Ford Capri, and then gradually more and more Capris until I now have five. Funds have limited getting any more otherwise it would definitely be more. Sparked off by my sister's mention of...
  3. Introductions
    Happnin` guys , Mark from Stirlingshire , central Scotland . My day to day car is a E36 318iS Coupe , with full m3 kit and interior . It came with 18" M6 wheels which are now on the wifes 316 Compact . Unlike Bazza (who is the second newest member on this forum ) i dont really like polishing ...
1-3 of 4 Results