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  1. [FOR SALE] M50B25 Manifold, cams, steering wheels etc.

    BMW Parts for Sale
    Hello there. I'm selling a lot of E36 parts. Can be shipped to UK M50B25 Intake manifold with throttle body - 180 pounds M54B30 Inlet camshaft - 180 pounds M50B25 NON vanos Cylinder hear with valves - 100 pounds Can get any part of E30 E34, E36, E46, E39 LSD, M steering wheels, extras...
  2. Dash Cams and battery discharge.

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Is anyone else here running a dash cam with a parking mode? I have an E60 535d with a Thinkware F770 front and rear facing cameras setup to record parking incidents. The parking mode is setup to detect any impact but also motion detection. In a busy car park it can record over 10 motion...
  3. Recommended cams PLZ HLP!

    BMW Tuning Forum experienced with all things cars related except tuning and now ive got the tuning bug with my beloved beemers and have decided to tune one of my cabbys so first thing ive done is replaced the 1.8 with a 2.8 lump and run it for a few months and its all running sweet .all my chassis is...
  4. dash cams, any advice. sub £60 currys/ hafords / amarzon

    BFuk Open Topic
    Been seeing a few hd dash cams with night vison. some are 720p some are 1080p. there seems to be a few about in sales and some not in sales. a lot are £50 and some £60. any one got any in this price bracket and what have you got? any reviews.
  5. WTB: M50 intake, M3 manifolds, M3 centre section exhaust, US M3 Cams, BBTB, 3.43 diff

    Items WANTED - Post any wanted adverts in here
    WTB: M50 intake, M3 manifolds, M3 centre section exhaust, US M3 Cams, BBTB, 3.43 diff Hi all Looking to buy these parts, PM me, or post here: 325i M50 intake M3 EVO exhaust manifolds OEM M3 mid-section exhaust (de-cat or standard) -or- suitable decat aftermarket mid-section US M3 Cams BBTB...
  6. m44 cams, 2.1 crank

    Items WANTED - Post any wanted adverts in here
    Hi As above, looking for some performance cams and a 2.1 bottom end/parts for a m44 engine. cheers
  7. M52 M3 US spec Cams in M52 non-M3 Euro spec car

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if M52S52 M3 US spec Cams is compatible to M52B28 non-M3 Euro spec car? What kind of lifters does M52 US spec has and in M52 Euro cars? Thxs Vibor
  8. E46 328i m3 cams ?

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Just a quick question if anyone knows would a set of 2002 M3 cams fit a 1999 328i ?:confused
  9. Which M3 Cams fit M52 engine?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    I want to upgrade the cams in my M52B28 engine, but not sure which m3 cams fit. Does anybody know specifically which m3 cams fit into my M52? Any information would be helpful
  10. How to identify US spec M3 cams?

    BMW Tuning Forum
    As above, I believe (being the operative word) my e36 328 has US spec M3 cams fitted, is there any identifying marks on them at all? I'll strip the top off the engine next weekend, if there's no part numbers to be seen does anybody know lobe measurements etc? Thanks, James.
  11. E46 M3 cams into E46 330ci head

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Just wondering if the cams from the e46 m3 fit the m54b30 head? Cheers
  12. F07 2010 530d GT side view cams, control module

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi, I can order in a module to interface the cams with my idrive and screen. Fitting the cams in the wings is no problem. How does the module know when to display the cam views ? Anyone done some thing similar ? Tips welcome :) Tnx, Simon
  13. Schrick cams 248/256 needed for M54B30

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi everyone, I have myself a little project for summer and need a set of schrick cams 248/256 for an M54B30 engine. Does anyone own a set that they want to sell? Cheers Al:thumbsup
  14. Mine and my mates 328i accelerating - M50, REMAP, M3 CAMS ETC

    General BMW Discussions
    on the left is my car, and on the right is my mates. difference is he has m3 cams and m3 diff. both remapped, m50, decat.
  15. Hello new to the site own E36 328 m3 cams,m50 manifold.....Loads more

    Hello im lewis 21yr olds own a E36 328 doing as much to the car as posiable lol Got M3 us cams, M50 manifold big bore throttle body, M3 3.15 LSD, Z3m short shift, coilovers, air box needs to be sorted out (atm its just a cone filter sucking in lots of hot air :P, remapped to 7k getting another...
  16. Zafira cams

    BFuk Open Topic
    I know this is a BMW forum but I feel it would be wrong to go anywhere else first. I have had to replace 2 valves on my wife's zafira and I'm unsure if you need to torque the Cam down and if so what do they need to tightened down to? I have had a look on Internet but can't find anything...
  17. USA E36 M3 Cams for 328i...Worth it!?

    General BMW Discussions
    found these on ebay starting at £400 seems a bit steep! but worth it!? add it all to a remap, m50...
  18. 1999 E46 328 moding cams

    BMW Tuning Forum
    hi i was looking at different mods for my E46 328, but does any one do different profile cam for my engine if so who and are they any good????
  19. 1994 e36 318is - adjustable cams?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    done a search but didnt find alot, found alot of conflicting answers, now i know its got to be done on a dyno, or say round a track with parameters being read, and the adjustment is -/+ 6 degrees most say 5 degrees advance giving a peaker power delivery while also over coming the flat spot when...
  20. 1987 E30 325is m-tech 1,performance cams,carbs

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    hi, i have recently bought a e30 325is and i want to know what are the best carbs and cams. i want performance only, im not worried about comfort or practicalary. also money, how much? any help would be appriciated. oh i recently found a forum where someone was trying to fit r6 carbs, but it...