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  1. Engine specialist needeed (Cambridgeshire, North London)

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hi! I'd be grateful if someone could recommend a good engine specialist in Cambridgeshire or North London who is capable of diagnosing the issues with the engine and possibly rebuilding it afterwords. I have a massive oil burning issues with more and more noises from ?lifters? (or the hell else...
  2. Diagnostics (London or Cambridgeshire)

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hello there! I would like to do a deep diagnostics of my 630i concerning some issues with gearbox (kicks when switching from 1st to 2nd, no faults); also perform computer diagnostics, take a look into cylinders with an endoscope, check sparking plug, suspension. Could you advise a reliable...
  3. Auto electrician needed - Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Evening All - I really need some help from someone who can help me or recommend someone who can sort my airbag light after I used an auto electrician who didn't know his arse from his elbow and has wrecked the cables under my drivers seat! Help please! Sam
  4. Cambridgeshire meet..... 13th May....all welcome

    South East Region Meets
    Following on from a great meet Seb organised last weekend myself and Bill thought we'd follow up with a Cambridgeshire meet on Sunday 13th May. The meeting will be from 12 o'clock onwards starting off here.....(easy access off the A1) The Highwayman | Peterborough | Our Pubs | Brewers Fayre Pub...
  5. Hi there, newby from Cambridgeshire

    Hi everyone, first time BMW owner here. My names is James and i'm 23 and live about 5 miles outside of Newmarket - 2 months ago I picked up my first BMW - a late 2009 BMW 118d Sport 3-door hatch in Space Grey. It has a few options in like half leather sports seat, bluetooth, iPod, comfort...
  6. Can someone give me a house in Cambridgeshire please?

    BFuk Open Topic
    If you don't ask you don't get :embarrassed I am now in need of somewhere to stay within commutable distance of Peterborough ASAP! Does anyone know of any good, reliable flat share type sites? Ones they've used before perhaps? Alternatively if anyone has or knows of someone with a room for rent...
  7. Looking For an Independent Shop in Cambridgeshire

    BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hi all. This is my first post here in the forums, but I have been a BMW owner for several years now. Currently I have a '92 320i and a 2006 M3 (US Spec). I am due for my first inspection 1 on the M3 and I am looking for a good independent shop in Cambridgeshire after getting the quote from...
  8. Hi from Cambridgeshire

    Hi all im louis,just thought i'd drop you a line regged up the other day your my primary uk resource and the usa being the other site i run with ok my lil car is a baby 4pot bimmer but well bmw is a bmw we can all have buckes of ponie food stowed in our cars(wish i had a spare m52setup mind) my...
  9. Newbie from Cambridgeshire with E60 M5

    I've lurked for a few weeks now but thought I should introduce myself. I've recently bought a 2006 E60 M5 in Interlagos blue - a fabulous car I'm so far very happy with. Apologies for the quality of the image, the camera on my Blackberry isn't the best. I've long been a fan of BMW, though...