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  1. Bungee cord snaps, plunging woman into crocodile "infested" river!

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    How's this for scary! :jaw-dropping Bungee Cord Snaps Plunging Australian Woman Into Crocodile-Infested Zambezi River Rapids | World News | Sky News She's a lucky girl, I reckon that could put her off bungee jumps for life! :eek
  2. Guide. E36 convertible vert flat bungee tension strap fix DIY

    Technical Guides for the E36, E30 and E21
    Here is my flat bungee cord fix. It is not the first, others have gone here before, but here is mine. This fix cures two problems 1) Tonneau cover hits bottom of roof. 2) Headlining does not stow correctly, tonneau crushes roof. One or both of these issues is caused by the tension straps...
  3. fat kid on reverse bungee, sooo funny

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    this will have you in stitches,check the comments also.