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  1. Front wiper ineffective against bugs

    General BMW Discussions
    Just did my first long trip in the spring when the bugs come out in my F30 328i and I noticed that the wipers are completely ineffective at removing splattered bugs - even seconds after they hit, and should be juicy. There's plenty of fluid coming out of the jets, and the blades seem to make...
  2. Really bugs me!

    General BMW Discussions
    I've been looking around for my next e46 M3 and it really bugs me when I look at one that says "manual" then the pics show the smg stick! To me a manual is a manual clutch and all. Autotrader have settings for semi-auto and auto so why advertise it under manual? Yeah yeah I know the M3 has the...
  3. Beat the summer bugs! Kit for sale! Autobrite Direct

    Autobrite Direct Bimmerforums Shop
    Hi Guys! A new kit for the summer bugs! They are a pain in the **** we all know! A great kit including 1 x 500ml bottle of Autobrite Flyaway Bug Wash 1 x Bug/detailing brush 1 x Microfibre soft bone sponge with mesh one side 1 x Super Deluxe Grey Plush Microfibre 16" x 26" [/url] RRP would...
  4. What on the forum really bugs you??? lol

    BFuk Open Topic
    Me first:hyper 1) Members that don't title threads correctly and put in the wrong forum despite measures in place to prevent this. 2) Members that include BMW in their thread title:confused 3) Members that use a small "e" instead of a capital "E" when listing E46 etc.:frown 4) Members...
  5. I now know how they feel...damn bugs

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    After spending hours cleaning my car and never mind the soreness,I was happy with the end product. I came home today admirinig it from a distance and as I got close up ...damn bugs:eek!!!! Bird mess:eek:eek!!! I heard bout the bugs and birds before but it seems that they come in proportion to...
  6. Rude shop keepers! This really bugs me!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    When I do my shopping and I get to the till I always put my card/cash in the hand of the shop keeper/checkout staff. It really p**ses me of when they put the change or card on the checkout and expect you to pick it up! I think it's damn right rude and feel like giving them a smack on the nose:hihi