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  1. Help buying a car please Z4 or Boxster

    Hi, I'm new here. 1st post. I'll get straight into it. I have 2 vehicles. a VW Caravelle campervan and a pgt 307. Both of these are going today and tmrw if all goes to plan. I have never got over selling my Honda S2000 and need another roadster, but am also going to upgrade my van. My wife...
  2. Raffa's 2005 Porsche Boxster 3.4s Test Drive

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well guys been out test driving the porsches today and well i am a bit gob smacked:jaw-dropping:jaw-dropping Now i now this is the face lift verson and was up for 19k but what a car:thumbsup:thumbsup Build quatity is excellent, fix and finish way better than a Bmw and the tiptronic gearbox is...
  3. Your gonna hate me, Porsche boxster what to look out for

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi Guys Well what more can i say, going to look at this car at the weekend, any info would be great, cheers
  4. ski roofrack for convertible, a la boxster ?

    General BMW Discussions
    does anyone know if there's a ski/cycle roofrack to fit over the convertible hood, bolted to aftermarket sockets in the windscreen pillars & rear deck, in the same manner as the Boxster ? edited to add 2004 e46