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  1. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi, Sometimes if I hold the pedal gently after the car has been started just about 700rpm it can bounce between 700 and 900 or so, does this mean anything to you guys and if so would you imagine it has anything to do with the cold start misfire the car has? Thanks in advance, Kind regards
  2. BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    E60 M47 520d RPM Hesitation / Stutter / Judder plus slight loss of power Hi all, here's a strange one! I drive a E60 2006 520D (85K) auto, serviced regularly. Here's some history which might be relevant: 25.11.15 (Indy) Replaced EGR Replaced main thermostat (did this because coolant temp was...
  3. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi, I know there are other similar threads but there are a couple of specific symptoms with my problem which I would appreciate anyone giving an opinion. The problem is the idle bounces, and sometimes drops enough for it to stall, but ONLY when slowing to a stop. I do not believe it is a...
  4. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    I have a 10' plate 330d with Xenons which suffer from a lot of bounce when driving. As I hit a bump, they vibrate or wobble up and down. Very annoying but also potentially blinding to oncoming drivers. This is the first car I have had with Xenons, so not sure if this is normal - and I am...
  5. BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    Hi,Having trouble with rough idle and bad engine bounce,lack of power,misfire,before this fuel return line broke at micro filter whilst in the west of ireland ,had it repaired but it was a quick fix i was told by local garage, began journey back to uk and thats when it began to play up,since...
  6. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    As above, whenever I start my car from cold the revs seem to bounce slightly, it appears to be getting worse as time goes on :/ what could this be please? I've cleaned my egr valve and made no difference Thanks
  7. BMW 5 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E12
    Anyone know if having the front of the car lowwer than the rear would cause rear wheel bounce or is it more likely to be the shocks? I just replace both rear struts with what look to be a decent secondhand pair so can't imagine them being wrong, any other ideas would be helpful.
  8. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Have added quite a bit more power recently and find the slight shake under heavy acceleration though the lower gears is now quite pronounced axle tramp , the rear has good shocks heavy sway bars and the bushes look ok so I wonder what needs doing .I hope to change the diff to a torsion shortly...
  9. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi guys, I have recently noticed that I am getting a few knocking sounds from my suspension. At the front im quite sure the drop links have at it (light knocking over small bumps) and the tie rod ends may have had it (steering wobble, wheels are balanced correctly with good tyres) Anyway I did...