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  1. 2010 Worcester 24i - Boiler pressure shooting up when heating turned on .... Help!

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    Guys any help appreciated as I'm a novice re:boilers. We've got a new (1 year old) Worcester boiler which is pushing up the pressure when we use the heating to over 3 bars (only noticed when the excess valve outside was leaking... Now keep the press on 1.5 and it goes up to 3 after about 10-15...
  2. new boiler recomendations

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    Its freezing in my house. My crappy old combi boiler has finally given in. I've had a couple of quotes by help link for a Worcester Bosch 24i for £2160 with ten year warranty And a quote for a worcester 30cdi but that includes a gas fire fitting and a power flush and all the valves but a 5...
  3. Video of a knacker boiler

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    I went to a boiler on the way home tonight around 8 pm It's a common fault on this model, this boiler is 6 years old, I fitted it but the customer supplied it against my telling them it was crap. The owner never serviced it or had me or anybody else service it. Ideal Icos common problem - YouTube
  4. Boiler price urgent help needed

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    Today my boiler died. Amen. Got a mate round to fix it and it'll cost hundreds, he quoted me for a replacement 1800 quid, this is for a all singing and dancing combi condensor boiler, it will replace a 5 year old boiler that runs a hot water tank etc, so quite a bit of work, he's gonna do it...
  5. Boiler Leak

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    I've just noticed my boiler, a Halstead Finest Gold, has a leak. On further investigation it is coming from the circled areas in the picture. If i block the bottom hole as i have done in the pic with a bolt the water drips from another hole 90' around from the bottom hole also circled. Does...