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    VIN BJ38331. Car is a 11/90 E34 525i automatic ECE version with check control and ABS. My car had a unforunate fire and parts of the wiring under the dash is a goner. So went looking up realoem and bmwfans for my wiring harness part number. It is likely either 61 10 8 351 922 or 61 10 8...
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    Saw this and thought it was pretty good - a bit easier to navigate than RealOEM? link:
  3. General BMW Discussions
    Chaps, How have I not seen this site mentioned in the forums yet? I stumbled across it via google tonight. It's fantastic! Much better than RealOEM for browsing parts etc. - Much nicer and clearer diagrams - Really handy hover over displays on the labels to tell which part you're hovering...