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  1. E46 m3 convertible nightmare trying to change the stereo

    General BMW Discussions
    Has anyone done this? I brought a new tv screen to go in my m3 because the cd changer is forever jumping and this one has got MP3 Bluetooth ect, same size as the other one but when I tookthe old screen out I realised the box connectors for the existing stereo are in the boot. Also I have the...
  2. e46 m3 running in service, advice needed!

    General BMW Discussions
    hi, firstly im new to this, i dont have an m3 but am looking to buy one now, ive found one for a good price and good condition but its missing the "running in service" its had all the other services since, and im assured by the owner that he has been told by bmw that if it was going to go wrong...