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  1. Yes I'm new but a petrol head..... Blasted Run Flat Tyre Pressures ?!?!

    Hi guys and yes this subject must have been done to death but its about Tyre pressures on RFTs. I've got my first BMW in years, a nice 2009 535d E61 and its tuned to 340 Bhp so all round, triffic !! But I checked the tyre pressures today and they are all a bit off, no problems I thought just...
  2. AAHHHH blasted ebay seller !!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    Bought these nearly 2 weeks ago now del was supposed to be 1st dec,,so now he tells me his items are stuck in customs,and all being well he will send out this week,but what gets my goat is he selling them...
  3. Who else has blasted past an un-marked police car and then been pulled?

    General BMW Discussions
    did it on my way home from work today, a dirty 53 plate skoda estate... overtook at like 80...ish ;) then blues n two's straight on n pulled me :(