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  1. New to Bimmerforums

    New to the site - just purchased BMW 330D M-Sport Touring in Estoril Blue, 2013 plate 66K, a beauty...
  2. BimmerForums in the Chris Knott TOP 20

    Chris Knott Insurance
    This club is #13 in the Chris Knott Top 20!! So, what does that mean? We work with around 170 car clubs and enthusiast groups across the UK and these clubs are the top 20 in terms of the number of quote requests we receive PLUS the success we have with winning the business... 1. Alfa Romeo...
  3. Hi There Bimmerforums

    Just registered on this forum, keen to meet some other BMW enthusiasts. I drive an X1 and have a done for a while now, I am keen to get speaking to other like minded individuals and will post here with questions should I ever have any issues with it. My dream car would be something along the...
  4. Bimmerforums "" vs ".com"

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    With access to the WWW available both sides of the pond I don't understand why the ".com" site gets so much more traffic then the "" site. Maybe they are more enthusiastic or more hands on than us over here? I have posted on both sites now to see which one gets the mosts hits/responses
  5. Hello New to Bimmerforums UK

    Hi everyone, Just a quick note to introduce myself to members on the forum. My name is Steve living in Witney Oxfordshire driving a BMW 530i Touring 2007 which I bought 1 year ago. Like to work on cars as a hobby doing services and minor repair.maintenance work. I'll try anything if I feel I...
  6. Tapatalk - can't login to bimmerforums

    Community Help
    I can't get tapatalk to login to bimmerforums. I reset password, and then made a new one, and neither allowed me to login to tapatalk still. Anyone else get this? I use it for other forums just fine... Andy
  7. Joined Bimmerforums today to connect with other Bimmer enthusiasts

    Joined the forum as became a 1st time BMW owner in 2016 when I brought a 440i m sport coupe. My mid life crisis car! Looking to use the forum to connect and find others who may have modified there 4 series so I can get inspiration of mods for mine, when I can afford to splast out more on it!
  8. New to BMW and new to Bimmerforums

    Hi All, Yesterday I bought my first BMW, it's a mere F31 320d but has loads of potential which I intend to complete over the next 6 months. I have lot's of questions about upgrading and coding but first I want to know if it's possible to go from this steering wheel: To this steering wheel: I...
  9. BimmerForums, I need your help!

    Hi all, I am Christophe, a master student and car enthousiast. I need your help and the support of the BMW community. I am conducting a study on virtual brand communities. Would you please participate in my survey. It will take you approximately 6 minutes, there are no right or wrong...
  10. New to Bimmerforums

    Hi All, Have been stalking the forum for a while for advice on my e46. Looking forward to contributing over the next few months... Story so far.... Flooded my last car and always wanted an e46 328i, got a good deal on a 43K :jaw-dropping for below £2k :hihi Unfortunately it is an auto box...
  11. New Bimmerforums user saying hello

    Hi everyone, My name is Stu, i am nearing the end of my first year of owning a BMW and currently have a 2012 F20 116 Efficient Dynamics. I will add some pictures up of it once i've given it a wash and the light is better. The car is totally stock with the exception of me adding the BMW...
  12. Merry Christmas Bimmerforums

    General BMW Discussions
    Just thought id pop in and say hello it feels like its been ages since i was here. Its been a long year for sure had some really nice bmw's thought id share. Some probably remember some of my others but this year i went a little bmw crazy. started 2016 with this E46 some may remember it sold it...
  13. Hi - New to BMW and now to bimmerforums ...

    ... just bought a 2004 645 coupe :jaw-dropping so far love driving it but as for looking after it, i'm gonna need a lot of help:confused can't tell if I have Bluetooth at all? need to get all the lights working on the door sill (irritating that only some of the display lights up:frown etc etc...
  14. Bimmerforums vinyl stickers?

    General BMW Discussions
    Does anybody know where I can get a sticker for my car? I read they were produced before buf I can't find them anywhere
  15. Hello Bimmerforums. Glad to have joined. Will help all I can!

    Hello I am from N.Ireland. Have just changed car to my fourth BMW. 1st car: E30 316i saloon. (Sterling Silver). 2nd car: E30 318s coupe. (Red). 3rd car: E36 328i Sport coupe. (Titan silver). 4th car: E46 330ci Sport coupe. (Black). Over the years I have got really good advice and tips off...
  16. New to Bimmerforums. 2008 - 118D SE - 95000 miles.

    Evening. Middle age male, Essex. Had a few BMWs in the recent past. just picked up a 2008 118 d with 95000 miles on the clock fairly cheap. Previously had 3 x 3 series convertibles - 320d/330/328 this new car has an issue but I'll post about that in Another thread :rofl
  17. Hi new to bimmerforums.

    Hi everyone, new to the site just thought I'd say hello. I'm Rob, 24 from Billingham, North East UK. I drive a '99 E36 328i sport manual in Techno Violet. I've owned the car since late July and I'm using it daily, intending on resto modding the car. It's done 160k and just past an MOT...
  18. New to Bimmerforums - 1999 E46 328i auto

    Hi, I've recently replaced my 728 with a 1999 328i saloon and really enjoying it. I found this forum when looking for information on the rear demister affecting the radio reception - yes mine as it and I haven't managed to fix it. Already been useful in providing info on removing the glove box...
  19. Discount on UK Breakdown Cover for BimmerForums members

    Chris Knott Insurance
    Our 'Awesome Autumn' Offer - £5 OFF UK Breakdown Cover Chris Knott Breakdown Cover normally costs £59.50 for a single vehicle and there are extra discounts for covering multiple vehicles. However, to help members as we enter the misty mornings and cooler days of Autumn, we're offering £5 OFF...
  20. New to Bimmerforums

    Hi all, I am new to this and after some 320si advice. Anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks