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  1. Ben's Alpine White 330i

    Hi All, thought i would get a thread up for my newly acquired 330i. Took me a good couple of months of looking for a new car after selling my Mk4 Golf gti, I was contemplating an Audi A4 b6 or a Mondeo ST220 and the BMW e46 330's. I was looking on ebay everyday waiting for the right car and as...
  2. Ben's 328 Project

    My new 328 when I bought it back in August last year.. £1700 with a slipping clutch, but at 108,000 miles, and being so clean, I just bought it. Bit of a rip off maybe? I don't know.. It was the only M-Sport I could find in montreal blue, And the mileage and nearly full BMW history was...
  3. [e36 cabrio/convertible] Ben Maassen

    Hello, My name is Benjamin Maassen and i'm 39 years old and live in Netherlands. I'm the owner of a bmw cabrio/convertible 325i from 1993.(see pictures) I'm also the founder of the FB site
  4. Ben's BMW 320

    Hello everyone, not really posted much on here so I thought I'd show you all my previous and latest car. When I turned 17 I passed my driving test and got my first car, a Saxo. It ended up looking like this and I got bored and moved on I then got a Clio, which ended up looking like this and...
  5. Ben's Boring Build (E46 330Ci)

    Alright then chaps. Got my 330Ci a couple of weeks ago now, thought I'd put a thread up for you lot to have a look at and I like to look back at my progress. Nothing much exciting or new is going to happen, hence the name :hihi Right then its a '51 plate 330Ci manual in Titan Silver, 132,000...
  6. Ben's 1993 Hell red 318i

    Right was advised to start one of these and thought it would be good fun to document bringing it back to life! Right was after a cheap car to run around in whilst my bike was off the road. Saw this on ebay at £350 with no bidders so emailed the guy asking if he'd take £250 for it. Got an email...
  7. An avatar just for big ben...

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    you better like it i just spent an hour painting out the background crap:D :thumbsup:thumbsup
  8. anybody (ben) posted this story before?

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    and there is a glaring error by the journo...