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  1. e46 rear wheel out of line since bearing replaced

    BMW Guides and How To's
    As in title, I had a rear wheel bearing replaced about a year ago and the car failed MOT due to uneven wear this year. It's worn almost to no tread on inside and virtually no wear on outside. Garage doesn't want to know after this length of time. Another mechanic says it's something to do with a...
  2. 2004 bmw e46 325ci wheel bearing or something else?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Can a bad front wheel bearing make noise and vibration on one side of the car but no vibration in steering wheel? Left side of the car vibrates (sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes no vibration at all) at highway speeds. Changed left side rear wheel bearing, still the same noise. I had...
  3. 2005 e90 wheel bearing

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi can anyone tell me if a 2005 e90 uses a magnetic rear wheel bearing or is there a way to find out without stripping it Thanks
  4. 5DA3, abs sensor and wheel bearing still lit

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi have the following error code and abs light. Changed the abs sensor and wheel bearing when that didn’t clear it; still lit - anyone any ideas?
  5. 320i diff bearing failed again

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi all, My E92 diff pinion bearing has failed again.. only had it reconditioned less than 2 years ago but it's out of warranty now. One driveshaft is leaking too. Rather than replace my diff like for like again at great cost (the 3.91 small case differentials are seemingly more expensive and...
  6. wheel bearing pulling kit

    General BMW Discussions
    There seems to be loads of tools on the market to pull bearings, is there any you guys can recommend?
  7. 2007 e90 330d bearing failure shortly after remap to 275bhp

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Turbo bearings failed (whistling grinding noise) have had one specialist quote £1300 to fix. What should I buy other than the turbo to give to my mechanic to fix? Crankcase breather etc. Anyone recommend good turbo supplier. . Been told Garrett best but at £800 just for the turbo I figured I'd...
  8. Wheel bearing noise or tire noise? E46 touring

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, Looking for some advise and sorry in advance for the long post but I've been struggling with this for a while A couple of months ago I noticed a little humming/buzzing noise while driving down the motorway, when I looked at the tyres it's appeared my front drivers side was a slightly...
  9. E90 ABS reluctor ring or bearing?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi guys. I am co grunting with a situation where a mechanic tells me something, and another one, something else. The problem is like this. I have a 3 series e90 with a reader speed sensor not working. Been to a bmw garage and I have been told that the sensor is faulty and reluctor ring is...
  10. E92 Main Bearing shells MAIN DEALER PRICES £££

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi each and all - as some of you are probably aware I am doing a rebuild on my 320d e92 I have just been quoted £307.16 for Main Bearing shells inc Thrust bearing ( Top & Bottom ) plus Main Bearing ASA bolts - which is ridiculously expensive It appears that the block part of the shells are...
  11. Indy garage taking a long time over rear wheel bearing? What is reasonable?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi everyone, Bit of background: Ive owned my E46 323ci for about 7 years now, never really missed a beat other than the usual little things. Done a lot of work myself covering something like 100 separate jobs when things have needed replacing, every squeak and rattle sorted as it occurs. 184k...
  12. 1998 E36 318is - Nearside Rear wheel bearing advice

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hello, Hoping I might be able to get some advice or a nudge in the right direction if at all possible... My 1998 e36 318is failed it's MOT due to the Nearside Rear wheel bearing. The garage trying to change it unfortunately had no joy in removing the driveshaft from the hub... well and truly...
  13. MY2010 320d Gearbox bearing?

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi all, I developed a whining from my car just before Christmas which has slowly gotten louder. I took it to the garage and thought possibly a wheel bearing but can't hear it with windows down. Now it looks like it could be a gearbox bearing??? I'm not a mechanic and usually garage my cars...
  14. M62b44 outer main bearing cap bolt setup?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Well im getting ready to re assemble my m62b44 lump, but cant find any info on the outer bolts on the main caps, there is some sort of screw/coller adjustment?,got the torque settings but there must be some sort of setup for the adjusable collers?:confused
  15. BMW 640D Engine Failure

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Hi, On the morning of the engine failure I was driving down a dual carriage way towards the motorway. As I got towards the end of the carriageway before joining the motorway the 6 series started making a rattling noise which rapidly got louder and sent vibration throughout the car. I got the...
  16. Big ends gone on No1 - 520d

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Car has been kind of hesitating prior to accelerating hard after long periods at 50mph sections of traffic. Then the other day it hesitated and then broke, lost power, very lumpy running, I coaxed it off the motorway and parked up. Then lumpy running got worse then high pitched squealing then...
  17. AC Clutch Bearing Replacement

    General BMW Discussions
    So my AC clutch bearing has some movement which causes some noise, but no real issue right now, though it will undoubtedly fail. Wiggling things around the main shaft still seems solid, it's only the pulley moving around. The compressor clutch engages properly so aircon works just fine. I've...
  18. E60 saloon front wheel bearing removal.

    BMW Guides and How To's
    All I can say is fxxx and fxxx and plenty of fxxx. The four bolts that hold the bearing in place are super tight. They must of been put on by he-man or some other unnatural being. I broke sockets and extension bars doing this job. So my advise is to undo the bolt that clamps the shock. Then...
  19. 2010 F10 520d wheel bearing problem

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Have been hearing the dreaded wheel bearing noise from front offside. Has been diagnose as bearing failure. Is this a D I Y job or should I trust the services of a garage. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  20. 2011 F11 520D bearing fron wheel bear change

    Hi All I have a BMW 2011 F11 520d Msport. It has done 80000 mile and the front driver side bear is on its way out by the sounds of things. I have searched the internet for details on how to remove and replace. looking for torque setting ect. if required. also some feed back to the bearing...