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  1. Delay in delivery. M140i SE stuck in Southampton dock awaiting quality control inspection

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    Hi all has anyone else been informed of a large batch of BMW's being "stuck in Southampton docks awaiting further quality control inspections due to adverse environmental conditions"? They are the exact words I've had from the lease company. They told me the vehicle was in stock when I ordered...
  2. 530d m sport Awaiting inspection

    Car Insurance
    Sad day. Ended up with a transit van going into the back of one car which then got shunted into mine And I got shunted into the a small van in front. Damage to rear. Plus the battery top slit leaking the fluid all over the floor. This was due to the crease in the side. Passenger rear panel got...
  3. New member - awaiting delivery of 2014 M235i

    Hi all, new to the forum and new to BMW! Finally sold my old car (Fiesta ST-3 mountune upgrade), the Christmas period for resale was a tough nut to crack but got there in the end :) Should be getting my M235i (Auto, coral red interior, pro nav, 10k miles) this weekend, had a slight hiccup as...
  4. Awaiting the delivery of my F30

    I have been driving a 2006 330D for 9 years and had it remapped a few years ago. I am now swapping it for a new 335D xDrive Luxury, production started last week and I hope to take delivery end of June. Getting excited and trying to gain as much information as possible and enjoying this site. Is...
  5. awaiting delivery

    hello been a long time since i have had a bmw my previuos one was a 1995 518 saloon with 245,000 mls and it and still ran sweet but that was a long time ago currently waiting for sept delivery of 318d sport saloon (F30) :thumbsup
  6. Awaiting F30 Delivery - week 11

    Awaiting Delivery of New Bimmer, last drove one back in 2003 until an Audi driver writ it off. I had so much fun configuring the car, the best bit was haggling the dealership and getting £8000 knocked of the BMW configuration price, although I do think I could have done better. I won't be able...
  7. Awaiting arrival of first BMW

    Hey :) Ordered a 116i Sport on 4th January, expecting it in March once the 14 plates out, counting down the days!! This is my first BMW so super excited! Nice to meet you all :)
  8. Official Bimmerforum Merchandise **who is outstanding awaiting goods**

    General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Right Guys We are please to now offer official branded merchandise for the forum, this will entail at first hoodies and polo shirts which with have the logo embroidered on to the garment, not a crap sticker:hihi then further down the line i will move towards further goods:thumbsup So the deal...