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    I've probably posted about a previous auction but thought Id say it again. The RM auction will be showing live on friday night about 7pm through various different methods. Just had a look at the preview catalogue. The photography from these boys is breathtaking. The text aint too shabby...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    anyone ever go to em, i was watching an amp on ebay that came from a police auction, i thought they only sold ex police cars, so what do they sell and does anyone on here go to em
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    We're thinking of going down to Blackbushe tomorrow. 700 cars on auction so should be able to find something for the father in wondering though if this is a good idea?? What good/ bad experiences have other members had? And would you do it again? Cheers, Will
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    I went with my dad yesterday to look at a volvo v40, after looking on the website it look like a very good car, i called them thinking well they are 3 hours away i should ask a few questions about it first, no one could or would answer anything i asked i know they are an auction house with loads...
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    Thinking of going for a 325 or 330 Coupe, was looking at a Autotrader but not seen much about at the right price and was thinking of trying a car auction in january, are there any that are recommended and do you have any advice? I'm fairly mechanically minded (did my own basic servising on my...