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  1. E36
    So, thaught I would finally make a build thread for my car. Dont know why as I just finished a ton of work on it and dont have any major plans, probably just small updates. Or I may do a backward build thread, showing all the steps I done to get here... So the car started life as an...
  2. General BMW Discussions
    Afternoon everyone, It's been a very long time since I've posted here. I used to own a black 320d sport saloon and since selling always wanted another. Que the Atlantis Blue 320cd I've been offered! Basic details of car are as follows: 2005 Individual model in Atlantis Blue, Decent tax and...
  3. E36
    Got given this ti from a mate who was going to tour Europe in his camper van, I did a fair bit of work on it and he gave me this... It was slightly modded when he got it, E46 M3 reps and lowered on Eibach springs. First off, I lent it to a mate to take to the south of France for his honeymoon...
  4. E36
    hi all thought i would start a project thread for my latest bmw ive owned a few bmw's previosly my last being an e30 heres a pic ive now brought a e36 2.8 sport individual and i have some plans for the car here is some pics the car is a 1999 t reg 2.8 sport individual in atlantis blue...
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  6. Introductions
    Just signed up today and am showing my car. There's a few bits that need changing, 1st up are the wheels as they are disgusting (been wanting to change them for ages) but money always dictates.... Interior is black Leather with piped colour coding. I love it! Any comments welcome.....:)
  7. General BMW Discussions
    Ive recently bought a 318ti sport in this lovely atlantis blue colour! Ive reserched it and found that my car has the individual option? is individual like a option when new? are compacts rare in this colour?