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    ...your sat in traffic, or at some lights and its dark and the t***ty a***hole infront of you doesnt understand what a handbrake is for and just sits there in front of you with their brakes on blinding you with their gay poncy led brake lights? this has really started pi**ing me off recently...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    Driving on the A406 today and saw a fake e39 M5. Basically, it was a completely stock 5 series with an M5 badge stuck on the back (in the wrong place also). Grrrr... Rant over. Johann
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    Things that annoy me People that que jump,:mad people that drive on the motorway in the middle lane (lane hog):mad people that drive with foglights on (in the rain/and when there is no fog):censored the weather:mad myself sometimes:hihi etc etc etc wot about you ???
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    Every now and then I think a nice big bruiser with LPG would be nice, so I have a little hunt and see what's around. I've noticed two main things that really annoy me, they are as follows: - Filler caps being drilled in the quarter panel...why?! Have one hidden under the numberplate or worst...
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    I'm fixing my sisters bf's car, a little corsa with a snapped handbrake cable. Easy I thought, I'll have a quick shifty on google and see if any corsa forums cover the topic (always nice to know incase of any surprises) and I'll order the parts. Now I thought a handbrake cable would be a pretty...
  6. BFuk Open Topic
    Kicking off with ones that are forum relevant... when does an adverts annoyance make you NOT buy or use the product. I have grown to like the Meerkats on Compare the Meerkat and clearly the folks at Go Compare have felt an effect as they are bombarding us with the "Go Compare" tenor in the...
  7. Bremsen Technik UK Shop
    Hi guys, Do me a favour and ask Steve if I can have a free clutch yet - Mike from JBS He will know what you mean ;) Mike