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    Amsterdam to enforce beer bike ban amid complaints Amsterdam bans beer bikes amid complaints - BBC News Lol "Last year, about 6,000 locals signed a petition calling on the council to ban the bikes, calling them a "terrible phenomenon""
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    Hi Guys, I've decided I'm going to treat myself, plus one other ;) to a trip to Amsterdam! This will be my first trip to Europe where I'll be staying at Hotels and not a work location. The plan is Salisbury to Calais (Overnight Calais) Drive to Amsterdam next day (Overnight Amsterdam) and...
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    alright chaps just thought i would see if any one is going to amsterdam on the 30th of april, its the best time of the year to go!
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    Apart from get laid, smoke myself into a hole and drink? Going for 5 days in April and wanna make more of a weekend of it, than I did 4 years ago! Answers on a postcard please :thumbsup