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  1. The Grey Alien (e36 318i loon)

    Thought it was about time i started a build thread, as the car has come on a bit since ive owned it. So hear goes... After searching around for a saloon i found one in my price range, bought the car with 112K on the clock full service history and years MOT, and was completley standard, and in...
  2. Alien...

    BFuk Open Topic
    Just started watching it now.... After travelling been asleep for months how did the guy manage to sit up and get out of his crib within minutes??? :confused surely his muscles will have atrophied and he would be covered in bed sores :shifty:
  3. Alien in London ;)

    Hi lads! I'm from Latvia. Love BMW, but unfortunatly don't have one at the moment:mad Cheers! :thumbsup
  4. Crazy swedish alien girls! - This is crazy

    BFuk Open Topic
    Not work safe, but not dodgy either. its worth watching all of it.... I think there is something very strange going on here.... not sure what!!! but in the 3rd incident...look at the damage to the car!! ALiens I tell you