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  1. Alex's 320ci Vert

    Hello all, This isn't my first BMW but it is my first E46. I went to view the car on the spur of the moment on Sunday and picked it up on Wednesday. I'm pretty pleased with it and have a few ideas I'd like to document and share with you along the way. I've found this site is great for tips and...
  2. Alex's Black E36 Saloon

    Hi all, Well as you can see I drive a 316i saloon, not everybody's cup of tea but I like it and it's practical too having two kids (I did drive a little Corsa before this and it was fun but just not practical!). Had it around a year now, bought it for £700 and it currently sits on 119,000...
  3. Arsene and Sir Alex look out!

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    Better keep winning or look what happens....
  4. Hi there :-) Welsh Alex Here !

    Hi there, I own a 530D Sport (2003) and it is very nice. Have had a 525tds se which 250k before I sold it, and two 525 petrols before that. I like BMW's, and pies, and cake, but not necessarily in that order. Did someone mention pie ? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pie, and cake :-)
  5. Alex Ferguson - laugh at his expense

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    I saw this on MOTD2 tonight, made me laugh, I had not seen it before. And an old classic for you...