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  1. General BMW Discussions
    Hello all, I found a F30 via BMW uk site... contacted the dealer via phone and agreed on price for their car/ price for my current car (could not do in person because they're 300miles away) They then sent me an 'order invoice' obviously showing the agreed upon sale price for new car/ my...
  2. General BMW Discussions
  3. General BMW Discussions
    Probably a re-post but it's an awesome advert for the E39 YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Enjoy
  4. BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Something's not quite right with this Advert - what's wrong here:PRESTIGE MOTOR HOUSE : BMW 840CI SPORT AUTO/TIP
  5. General BMW Discussions
    I am looking around at 325ci M Sports to buy......... ....came across this BMW 325 CI COUPE AUTOMATIC 2001 | eBay . I can see one pre-facelift and two seperate facelift cars....!!!!! Text him to ask him which he was selling, and did it have sand or black interior........he was adament that...
1-5 of 17 Results