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    You tube it as im on my phone at the moment.
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    Hello all, I found a F30 via BMW uk site... contacted the dealer via phone and agreed on price for their car/ price for my current car (could not do in person because they're 300miles away) They then sent me an 'order invoice' obviously showing the agreed upon sale price for new car/ my...
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    Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert - video link Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert - video | Media |
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    Hey guy's As above is there problem's just now with placing for sale advert's as i placed an advert for sale yesterday and yip i no it's the weekend but just wondering if that's the problem off why it hasnt been placed in the for sale section Thanks guy's :thumbsup
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    Probably a re-post but it's an awesome advert for the E39 YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Enjoy
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    Something's not quite right with this Advert - what's wrong here:PRESTIGE MOTOR HOUSE : BMW 840CI SPORT AUTO/TIP
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    I am looking around at 325ci M Sports to buy......... ....came across this BMW 325 CI COUPE AUTOMATIC 2001 | eBay . I can see one pre-facelift and two seperate facelift cars....!!!!! Text him to ask him which he was selling, and did it have sand or black interior........he was adament that...
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    The following article is a scam advertisment placed in AutoTrader. I think it has since been removed but you may come accross it elsewhere. The seller deals with you through email only and claims to have poor mobile phone signal where they live. If you appear interested in the car, the seller...
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    Whilst on the hunt for a local, cheap car on eBay I came across this advert... :wide-eyed Jedward Friendly Renault Kangoo Authentique Made me chuckle anyway. :laughing :laughing I like this bit:
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    Does anybody else think this advert puts back the image of a BMW driver back 10 years. Those 2 guys have just got 'smack me' written all over them. Smug gits :hihi The new BMW 1 Series.flv - YouTube
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    Allstate TV Ad: Holiday Mayhem - YouTube :lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol
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    just seen it on TV and its blatent BMW plugging aswell... dunlops i had on a while back were shite...
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    Try and guess what's this is advertising before it finishes :confused