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    Hi guys... just registered, my username is not as intended. Does anyone know how i can contact admin to see if i can get it changed.
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    hi guys.... im dave just registered here, always had bmw's in the past although not right now , tho the wife does have a z3 if that counts...... question to admin... i have been buying up new old stock from dealers for last 10 years..... have quite a huge inventory now.... ranging from...
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    Sorry in advance as I know this isn't in the right place but I couldn't see where else to do it. (I probably didn't look well enough). Any chance an admin could remove me from this forum please and the mailing list. Great forum but I no longer own a BMW and absolutely never intend to again...
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    Good Afternoon, First of all we would like to become an official supporter of the forum to provide members with support, advise and promotional offers excusive to members, We are a Norfolk Based Motorsport and Tuning house Super Nova Tuning are a the forefront of motorsport and road technology...
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    how do i go about a username change? thanks
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    I need to post in the wanted section, as im desperate for a part but I need 100 posts? Also my post count is 8, im sure I have made more posts than that?! :confused Thanks in advance! Louis