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  1. Bmw addict from Germany

    Hi I’m Ben and just signed up. Have a little abs issue and hope someone can help me. On One of my cars the abs light is on ( please look at the picture ) it’s a bmw e36 318ti 1999 . I’ve changed both rear sensors , twice the abs sensor left side plus the abs ring. I started driving but the abs...
  2. French addict among other addicts

    :D Hello to the whole community, yes it's real...i'm french, leaving in this crazy country over the channel ! But I'm deeply addicted too. for 13 years and owned about 9 BMW from E30 to E39 trough E46 and E36. At this time I have a M5 e39, lowered on bilstein B14, Oz futura 19", cat back...
  3. BMW addict making intro

    Hi Guys, I am presently the proud owner of a 2002 e46 M3 and just loving it to bits, its a 2002 in silver with 14K on the clock SMG box, drives like a dream and just makes me smile every time I drive, its unusual as it has half leather seats, I have changed the trim for carbon wrapped...
  4. Track addict new to the site

    Hi all. I've been around E36s for the last 2 and a half years and have mainly posted on E36coupe but stumbled across this forum for the first time yesterday! As in the title, I'm a track addict, having built a 328 track car (with a friend) as my first BMW, but I sold out my share of that at the...