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    Iv got a convertible 330ci 2001 automatic and I was driving on the dual carridgeway and I heard a loud rubbing noise coming from what seemed to be the passangers side footwell. It got louder and louder until suddenly there was a Big Bang and something came flying off the bottom of the engine and...
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    What's your pet hate? Mine has to be the effing door pockets!! Absolute rubbish! Every time I boot it half the stuff flies into the back seat, and then it all slides forward again under braking! Gaaaah! Hateful things! Going to neoprene line mine with an old wetsuit to hopefully shut it up! That...
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    Brought some new BBS LM replicas 18" non staggered fit off ebay.. Wheels have 2 new faulkens on the rears 6mm thread and forcums on the front with 5.5mm thread! They were starting at £200 so i thought i would be cheeky and offer him £250 trying my luck, but i got them for £300! :jaw-dropping he...
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    YouTube - ‪Boy racer tries to outrace police - on the wrong side of a dual carriageway‬‏ Why???? :confused:confused
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    someone please put sense to this, i beg you?!?! i received a quote through a reputable insurance company for £1520, to be fair this is a very good price so naturally i decided it would be best to use them. i understand the quote given is for paying straight away in one lump sum and as i wished...
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    I had the misfortune of having to watch 'Marley & Me' at the weekend. My wife works in the film industry and as it was a new release it came free. My sympathies go to anybody who has had to sit through this at their own expense. What utter cr*p.
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    I've just bought a '54 plate' 530 d sport, 36K miles- lovely motor. :thumbsup It had a BMW service including oil/fluids Oct 2008. It was MOT'ed last week- no probs, now an alarm on the idrive indicates a 'vehicle check' is required? Upon further investigation it turns out to be a 'Routine...