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    Will it fit ?
  2. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi, Possible Beamer newbie, Currently I have a 2002 A4 on 140K, its a saloon but we have a 17 week old choc Labrador so im looking for a estate. I was looking at the a4 3.0TDI being a Audi buyer but I have been told to look at the Beamers. I do like that the boot is bigger for her to sit in as...
  3. BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    Love the red leather :D
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    Hi all I've been looking at some Audi Quattro's (C5 and B5 shape) Quattro's, mostly the 2.8 petrols and the occasional 2.5 TDi. Are the auto boxes problematic? is there a common problem that happens to be an easy fix? or is it always mechanical and terminal? I ask because I've seen one or two...
  5. General BMW Discussions
    I'm so confused with which way to go with my new car... I have recently sold my 328ci due to needing something more practical and economical starting my own business. I loved the way it drove though! I estimate doing about 11k miles a year so diesel will offer me a further saving over going...
  6. General BMW Discussions
    Can you tell the difference between these German sedans? Might be more difficult than you think: This game taken from Post your score in this thread!
  7. BFuk Open Topic
    Hi There Everyone, As stated in the title, I just drove an A4. Overall an extremely good car that is a worthy competitor of an e46 3 series. I liked the interior very much, fit an finish was perfect as you'd expect from an Audi. I didn't like the straight interior compared to my e46, I much...