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9 or 11

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    Just watched a doc on BBC2 on 9/11 and is it a goverment cover up or for real. I dont think we'll ever know for sure, people will always find something they think doesnt ring true and hang onto it like a dog and a bone. If it was a cover up it seems a bit impossible to keep it going for 10...
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    So, it's been nine years tomorrow since the 9/11 attacks and seeing it on TV still sends shock waves through me. They say it's one of those events where you remember where you were and what you were doing when it happened, a bit like the death of JFK or Princess Diana and I was curious if thats...
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    You tend to forget how you felt back then, but this has brought it all back, the feelings of hate towards the culprits, and the nations chearing and burning flags as they see the news of the attrocoties. watching the planes hit again, and the people jumping from windows, also the relatives...
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    A day that possibly changed the world forever. Thoughts always with those who lost loved ones.