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  1. BFuk Open Topic
    Went a YFC ball last night one hell of a do! 8pm-4am live music, a couple of fair ground rides, hog roast, and an ice cream van :lol and camping ;) And perhaps more importantly a massive bar with 1000 litres of jager bomb :eek £5000 worth of jagermeister! the rest of the tank topped up...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    Well guys, it has taken a while but a big welcome to new moderators MartynD and 6891_seb who will be helping us with the ever growing forum and associated maintenance :lol To those who thought they had a good chance themselves, a big thanks and new mods will be in the offing very soon so please...
  3. E46
    Its about time that I started a thread for my pride 'n' joy. I have been thinking about starting one for quite a while as I've had the car since March 2009. Although still in early stages, Its never going to become a completly different car, But my hope is that with my tweeks and little...
  4. BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    I think I saw your BMW in Northampton College car park around 3.45pm - 4pm? I thought I had seen the car somewhere as I drove past. (Mine was the Black 320d Sport - dont know if you saw me?)