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  1. South East Region Meets
    BMW Facebook Owners Club monthly Bluewater meet Our regular monthly meet will be happening again this month, growing larger and large each time. Last month proves very successful and this months is set to be greater still!! This month we have two other BMW forums also in attendance and hope a...
  2. South East Region Meets
    Right Chaps Me and nicky thought this maybe a good idea as the food hall in bluewater gets proper rammed, so we could meet here at 5pm The halfway house, Brentwood, ESSEX, CM13 3LL: Have some grub and a chat ( well fook around in my case:hihi), then onto some tunnel action though to...
  3. South East Region Meets
    well i must say that the first one was great, and a big thanks for everyone who turned up:thumbsup, so its time to move onto the next one, so here are the venues and once again the process is the same as usual, the most named area wins ( thats by the members putting there name on the list), so...
1-3 of 3 Results