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  1. E39 Automatic Transmission in a E36

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi. This is my first post so a bit of introduction first. I'm from Chile, and over here we get the euro version BMW (at least in the 90s). Currently I have a E39 528i from 1996 that I bought cheaply because of a broken auto transmission, I then bought a used trans and now is in the car. I have...
  2. 1999 facelift E38 728i Reverse issue/creeping

    BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    Hello I currently own an E38 728i on a 1999 Face lift Last week I put into reverse and it only creeps back and if i hit a hill or a flat spot it cant move The engine just revs and it feels like a failing clutch Ive made a few enquiries and it seems this is a very common issue with the drum...
  3. New model 5HP18 A5S310Z automatic gearbox swap on old model car

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi, i have a 91 325i E36 with an old model A5S310Z - KE gearbox with partnumber: 2400 1219358 I got a new gearbox A5S310Z - LX with partnumber: 2400 1219958 The new gearbox has a different connection, with smaller pins. And the gearbox Control unit in my car has the number: 2461 1218879 My...
  4. E39 tds 5hp18

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello! Can someone please explain: I own a 525 tds e39 1998, touring that's supposed to have a 5hp18 gearbox (not tiptronic), 5 speeds. I keep counting 6 gears thou, first time i thought i counted wrong, then had some of my friends to count the gearshifts, and it turns out there are 6 distinct...
  5. Looking for a used valve body for my 1993 ZF 5HP-18 auto gearbox.

    Quarry Motors - BMW Specialists
    Hi, I am looking for a good condition but used valve body for my car. Have any in stock and how much? Thanks. Alex