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  1. 2002 4.6is overvoltage, brief power interuption, trans failsafe, radio goes off briefly, ign light flicker

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Need help with this, I get a intermittent fault where the radio goes off for a few seconds, also ignition light flashes and goes off again, occasionally speedo stops, trans goes into failsafe, tried replacing unloader relays with no luck, suspect voltage regulator on alternator, pulled co de on...
  2. BMW X5 4.6is questions

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all. Contemplating buying a 2003 X5 4.6is. Relatively low mileage, 106k full service history just had gearbox rebuilt, LPG conversion. I live on a campsite working seasonal work for 8 months a year, so would only be doing pottering about mileage for 8 months, then we drive to southern Spain...
  3. 2003 E53 4.6is Nav/rear entertainment advice

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Evening all Been running a base model 2005 X5 4.8is (no nav, no elec/heated rear seats, no sunroof etc.) for a few months, but I've been offered a 4.6is with everything on it (electric rear seats, widescreen nav, retractable boot floor, privacy glass etc.). It's got 2 jack plugs and a tv...
  4. Please help X5 4.6is

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi everyone, ok I have a misfire problem with my X5, I'd been hearing a rattle from below my feet when the car was cold for a few days then as I was coming home a few nights back on the duel carridge way I kicked it down a gear to overtake and immediately got a misfire and a flashing yellow...
  5. 2002 X5 4.6is

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    I have no power going into my GPS or Multi disc player have checked fuse and are fine my head unit is not displaying GPS or multi changer can any one help:confused
  6. New BMW 4.6is owner

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi people I've just purchased an (02) BMW X5 4.6is and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with a couple of questions. Is there a buyers guide or this to look out for when I go to pick it up? Mileage is 100k so does this ad to things to look for? Problems that I...
  7. E53 4.6is lumpy idle after a run and warm

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi I am having a occasional idle issue with my 4.6is. After a run and when the car is warm I get a lump idle that you can feel in your bum through the seat. It is really feel it. The engine light doesn't come on. It doesn't do it all the time mind you. Once you drive off I think there is a...
  8. 4.6is rough running and running on 1 bank

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi all, new to the forum and looking for some advice if anyone can help Purchased my wife a 4.6is X5 (2002) and its been a bit of a nightmare trying to sort out various problems in the first month of ownership. I am stumped with the latest problem. The X5 had a quite severe oil leak under the...
  9. Help! Transmission error codes 2003 e53 4.6is

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi all, My 2003 x5 is throwing a load of error codes re: transmission and tyre pressure sensors. After adjusting my tyre pressures, driving 10 miles, the tranny starting slipping, snapping away, then goes into TRANS safe mode, it then stays in 4th gear (or 3rd) until switching off. Once...
  10. x5 4.6is gearbox fluid fill plug

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    hi i am looking at changing/topping up the transmission fluid on my 4.6is and was just wondered where the location on the gearbox is for this and the procedure and how you know if it is full, also the location of the transmission cooler cheers
  11. Bmw x5 e53 4.6is 2003 - drivers door not unlocking??? - help and advice needed

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    HI ALL My driver’s door lock has stopped working, At the moment I'm assuming that it's a lazy actuator, but whatever it is I need to strip the door card off to investigate. Does anyone know away to get the door unlocked when it's like this? Does anyone know if it is possible to get the door...
  12. Front Strut Mount '03 4.6is

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    It turns out that my drivers side strut mount is broken, so needs replacing. I managed to get one genuine BMW mount from Ebay for a very good price - it was the last piece. Just wanted to ask if I need to replace both strut mounts, or just the broken one? If I need to replace both, will it...
  13. E53 4.6is RDC Tyre Control Inactive

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi Guys I am new on here but could do with some help... Constantly get the Tyre Control Inactive message on the dash. Any clues how to work out which wheel sensor is not working properly?? Cheers Thurlo
  14. need Buying advice..... BMW x5 4.6is 2002 - 77k.... for about 6100 pounds

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi,,.. I need help and advice on buying a 2002 X5 4.6is the car is immaculate inside out... but have some mechanical questions... What should i look out for and what should I expect... everywhere I read everyone says stay away from them but it's difficult not to with such a beats of an...
  15. X5 E53 4.6is - To LPG OR Not (Your Thoughts Please)

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    NEWBIE Hi to you all I'm taking delivery of my 52 plate X5 E53 hopefully by the of this week. Obviously as the fuel consumption isn't that great I thinking of having LPG fitted. Has anyone out there had this fitted to their X5? What are the fores and againsts of having it? What effect does it...
  16. X5 4.6is help needed.....please

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi all thanks for having me ... My x5 message on the dash was " stop engine press " stop the motor after hearing knock bad my goodness it was bad so I need a engine rebuild had quotes from 3 to 5k I am in the midlands and just want me car back to how it was but a big but some one who knows their...
  17. 2002 X5 4.6is Air bag light on.

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Would any body happen to know where the main ECU is located for the air bags on the X5. The garage has diagnosed that there is a fault in the battery igniter circuit 1 which is open circuit. He believes it could be the main air bag ECU but he can't locate it! Iv'e been advised it could be part...
  18. 2003 E53 4.6IS Television switch off.

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    In September this year all analogue television signals are to be switched off. Where does that leave us? Can you get a digital receiver box for the car and if so do you need a new aerial? m Thanks in advance. Tom.
  19. Hi, another E53 4.6is Owner onboard

    Hi All, I have a temperamental Estoril E53 4.6iS which has had me through the mill since buying her a few years ago. Hedgehog, gearbox etc....the usual stuff. Anyway, from Bangor near Belfast in Northern Ireland and am looking forward to using this forum. Cheers.
  20. E53 4.6IS Battery Drain and other issues Please help!

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi Guys, I have a 2002 4.6is with 60k miles. I have recently bought the car and in the service history there is evidence that there has had dead battery trouble in the past. All work was carried out by main BMW dealers. The battery was replaced with a Bosch standard one back in August 2010 and...