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  1. Dead E46 328ci

    General BMW Discussions
    My son's 2000 BMW 328ci started trying to stall at low revs, then the next day cut out all together on the motorway. The AA left it outside our house in a narrow country lane. He has no money and the "bank of dad" is closed! He now wants to sell it but it is obviously worth a bit more than scrap...
  2. 2000 bmw 328ci electrical problem

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi am new to the forum and I have a 2000 328ci Monday I went to work cut the car off! when I went back to start all electrical component were down so i tried testing the battery I got 12.8v, but when I test it from the body of car am only getting 5.6v! also from the front of car jump ports...
  3. 2000 E46 328ci se - z3 engine compatability ?

    General BMW Discussions
    hi I have decided to stop throwing money at this engine cba with all the error codes I have sourced a m52tu engine from a 1999 Z3 2.8 my question is will this engine just fit right in or is there a difference from car to car I have googled for the answer and can not find anything thank you for...
  4. 2000 E46 328ci se - error code woes

    General BMW Discussions
    hi guys I have a big problem with a e46 I bought and built up new engine ect but the car is driving me mad i am a not so fortunate owner of a bmw e46328 ci se w reg year 2000, i have put a reconditioned engine in the car in the hopes to get it on the road however it has not wanted to play...
  5. 328Ci Brake lights stuck on

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello everyone, Im new here and after a lot of research i cant still figure out what's going on with my brake lights. So, lets begin. I really appreciate every single answer this thread gets. Well i have a E46 328Ci -99 and im having a problem with my LED brake lights. Everything works fine...
  6. Hi everyone, hopefully be a new owner of a 328ci e46 on Thursday

    Hi, new to this and trying to sort out insurance for her. Tried Chris knot, only to be told they don't cover Liverpool:mad
  7. 1999 E46 328ci auto transmission oil cooler fallen off

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi all So I was driving today when the check coolant level light came on. I topped it up and continued driving for another few miles and then this happened. See photo below... Oil isn't leaking but lots of water has left the cooling system. I'll try to get the car recovered tomorrow but I'm...
  8. 1999 bmw e46 328ci overheating issue

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Thank you for reading and any help will be great. This all started about 9 months ago. I was stuck in traffic and I noticed the needle going up. I turned out the traffic into clear road, the temperature come down and didn't happen again for a few months. About a month after this my battery...
  9. New Member - E46 328CI Track/Drift Project & E87 120D MSport

    Hi All I thought I would introduce myself. I am new to the forum as you can see, and although owning a number of BMW's over the years, I am now in a position where I have two very diferent cars and the help and advice from the forum is likely to come in very hands. 1st is a nice example of...
  10. e46 328Ci manual CDV

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi there! Most e46 is equipped with Clutch Delay Valve. According BMW ETK my car w-reg 328Ci, not one of them. Yes, i checked it on a car, there is no CDV. So question, is there anything else what can cause clutch delay/slipping when hard accelerate from complete stop? Or it just means my...
  11. 2000 E46 328ci coupe - Accelerator pedal stiff - electric folding mirror folds past its position

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi, (first post on forum and first BMW owned!). Recentley bought myself a very tidy 2000 328ci coupe automatic. I soon realised the accelerator pedal is quite stiff compared to other autos i have driven... It isn't causing any problems but after googling it and seeing a variety of possible...
  12. Hello - E46 328ci

    Hi everyone... I recently bought myself a far im very impressed...
  13. E46 328ci, black, long mot.

    BMW Cars for Sale
    selling my 2000 W reg e46 328ci, in black, manual gearbox, new tyres all round, 154000ish miles on the clock, patch of bubbling on the front left wing. Aftermarket stereo with full bluetooth connection, usb, front and rear aux. microphone fitted to take calls through the stereo and all steering...
  14. 2000 E46 328ci cold engine dropping idles

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi, when engine is cold its starts fine, then until idles is above 1k for warm up its fine for a minute and then engine starts dying, idles drops till about 400-500 rpm and jump back to normal for couple sec and all starts again, once engine reach firs mark on temperature gauge it looks fine. I...
  15. 328Ci sounding / feeling very poorly

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi guys, my 328Ci was really feeling and sounding quite bad tonight, and just wondered if anyone can shed any light on it. For maybe the last 12 months, the car on a cold day would run OK initially, then when stood still, the revs would drop as though it was trying to stall, and then rise...
  16. E46 328ci n/s wheel arch lining, rubber jacking point

    Items WANTED - Post any wanted adverts in here
    as the title says i am in need of both the above items! can anybody assist? cash waiting cheers woodchop4
  17. What's your MPG..?. 328ci yr2000

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi all.. Since a recent service, I was getting around 28-29mpg, but now I'm struggling to even reach 25mpg.. The service included a new rubber air intake boot from the air filter housing to the (carb), as the old 1 had a dirty great split in it.. Admittedly the car seems much more responsive...
  18. Decent clutch and flywheel? 328ci

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Evening all. E46, 99, 328ci, petrol, manual. Just had the car up on stilts to get the CDV off as i heard its a great way of getting the feeling back into your clutch and cutting a lot of slip and play under power. Unfortunately its already been removed which leads me to believe the clutch is...
  19. Bmw 328ci 1999 t topaz blue

    BMW Cars for Sale
    bmw 328 ci 1999 t topaz blue 124000 miles, mot july 2015,near new tyres,recent service,loads of reciepts,f.s. H,mv2 alloys,sat nav,sunroof,multi function steering wheel,air con,superb inside and out,no rust,offers over £1500
  20. e46 328ci or e46 325ci

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi Guys, I have found one of each that I'm interested in, would just like your guys opinions on which you think would be a better option to look at. 328ci BMW 328ci Blue 1999 reg | Walsall, West Midlands | Gumtree 325ci BMW E46 325CI /// INDIVIDUAL M3 REPLICA AUDIOPHILE AUDIO /// | eBay