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  1. 1993 E36 325i - coupe speedo problem

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hello THe speedo of my 325 stops ate 230km/h and the rpm increase... What can be the problem? Anyone have the same problem? Best Regards Nelson
  2. 2000 e46 325i lacking power revs drop at 3000

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    help needed....i have an e46 325i se 2000reg.when you put your foot down the revs get to aprox 3000 then drop off to aprox 2000 then picks up again.i had the car put on a diagnostics machine and was told i had a misfire on 1 and 4.i changed the plugs and coil packs but still had the misfire,i...
  3. 1996 e36 325i - another general short shift question

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    been looking at these lately, i know they have an altered angle and depth below the ball, but could you not simple cut 20mm ish off the top and achieve the same? only issue i see is refitting the knob. or is i bein a bit ghetto?:lol
  4. 1991 E36 325i - Ecu changing chip issues (Sandwhich board)

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Bmw 325i e36 I have just opened my ecu up to change to a performance chip and have found out that I have the sandwhich chipboard, with two boards together which are impossible to get apart. Does anyone know what to do as I'm totally lost. I've looked around on the forums but can't seem to...
  5. 1998 E36 318i - Conversion to 325i (this is for a mate this time)

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi all my mate wants to put in a 2.5 as he has found a k reg 325 for sale for £250 as it failed it mot on rust etc but before he buys it he wants to know if this well work as his car is ews and the 325 aint
  6. 2008 E93 325i - Can I fit 265/30/19 93Y to the rear of my E93 without issues?

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi There Can someone point me in the right direction please? The rear standard runflats on my 2008 E92 are on there last legs, when I checked at the weekend the offside rear is starting to show its casing on the inner edge but still have 4mm plus across the tyre. i have been through 20+ pages...
  7. 1993 E36 325i - ABS light on after doughnuts/burn-out

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    anyone can shed some light on this? this happened roughly a year ago, after doing some doughnuts. had my fun, tried drifting (with no results what so ever from a non-LSD car but a diffrent issue :hihi) and after i was done, i noticed the bas light went on. this happened before, once, but it...
  8. 1994 e36 325i - down on power (could a worn gear box cause it)

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Ok as above my 94 325i with 91 non vanos engine seems to not have the power it should have. Car idles fine and puls to red line, but just somethimes seems its not pulling hard enough. I drove a mates 325 m50 vanos last night and it pulled like a train much faster than mine, mine used to pull...
  9. 2005 e91 325i - amp/sub upgrade

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    Hello I have an e91 prof/Idrive standard stereo, I would like to add an amp and sub in the boot. Does anybody know the best way i can fit this? cheers
  10. 1993 E36 325i - breather setup

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    ok guys, here's the deal: i keep finding oil (not lots, but still, oil) in my intake and i was wondering if maybe deleting the oil separator would be a good idea. haven't really researched properly the issue, but i know some ppl use a breather set-up with a oil catch can. what do you lads...
  11. 1993 e36 325i anyone know whats wrong with my car?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi, just wondering if anyone might know whats wrong with my car. Its an E36 325i petrol and it has the following symptoms: - Start up ok, but won't rev or drive - idle jumps up and down from about 500-1500 - when left to idle badly it evens itself out and almost idles properly, but then when...
  12. 2004 E46 325i Rear Tail Light Bulb Warning - Fault?

    Auto Electrical Forum
    I am getting bulb warning lights on my E46 325i Sedan (Facelift) The problem started about a year ago (its the common grounding issue) The problem went away itself but has now just come back and my entire left side tail light is not working. I've pinched a couple of pictures from an earlier...
  13. 1997 E36 318is coupe to a 325i engine on a 'p' plate engine swap

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    hi all as the title says i have found a 325i complete car just round the corner from me its on a p plate which i think is late 96?? and i was wondering can i rund an older engine in a newer car?
  14. 2001 E46 325i - Coilovers

    General BMW Discussions
    When changing to coilover suspension, does the ride become quite firm? Or does it vary on how/low the suspension is set? The reason i was asking, is the that 2 of the shocks are leaking slightly and need replacing soon. I was thinking of putting some extra money and getting some coilovers. But...
  15. 1990 E30 325i - Brembo brakes, will they fit?

    BMW Chassis and Brakes
    Hey guys, Had my e30 325i for a couple of weeks now - and am loving it. Best car i've owned to be honest. Anyways, the brakes need doing, and so im looking into upping the braking capability. I have managed to possibly get hold of a set of 7series (728i) Brembo's that i would love to get on...
  16. 1995 E36 325i - Adding sunroof to comfort function.

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hi guys, I have a 325i e36 coupé 95. When I have the sunroof open and turn+hold the key right only my windows roll up, how can I add the sunroof to the comfort function? I want it so I can trigger it externally from my alarm's AUX output. Thanks!
  17. 1997 E36 325i Who makes the E36 Contour alloys?

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    I've got a feeling it's BBS... but I don't want to buy some centre badges and look like a complete pillock when it's actually ronal/rondell!
  18. 1994 E36 325i - painting rocker cover

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    As above i want to give my rocker cover a coat of paint as its looking pretty tatty. Just wondering do i need special paint as the engine would be to hot for normal paint.
  19. 1993 E36 325i - OBC Lights

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi, im upgrading the bulbs from orange to blue in my switches. Managed to re-solder blue LED's in the window switches but can anyone tell me if and where i can find replacement bulbs for the OBC in blue? Have removed the old ones and the bulbs are actually soldered to the bulb holders :( No room...