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  1. 1999 E36 318iS Coupe - Where can I fit the tubing for a cold air feed ?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hey everybody :) Im going to be fitting a BMC CDA to my M44 engine, and I want it to have a cold air feed so the engine can breath lovely cold air, but, I cant find anywhere to fit a cold air feed propperly... ...I was thinking it would be good to have one sucking air in from behind the gril...
  2. 1997 E36 318is, whine help needed

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Ive gaind a whine like a grinding with my revs ive checked the belts they appear fine altonator seems fine what else cud it be
  3. 1997 E36 318is - Oil Change Important??

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Just daft question i am not a mechanic so i don't know that much about thing, basically my bro's are mechanics and they do my services etc, 1 brother did my service and didn't have the tool to take oil cap off?? and is borrowing it from his mate, i don't live near my brother and its been about...
  4. 1996 E36 318is - Putting front fogs on a E36

    Auto Electrical Forum
    The 3 series that ive bought hasnt got any front fogs fitted, so im going to fit some! Now, ive found some fogs and i could wire them up on a seperate switch... but can i use a oem front fog switch? As im not sure if about the wiring on the back of them, wether its a plug or what? Is there a...
  5. 1996 E36 318is sub keeps cutting out

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    Hope someone can help with this. I put a sub and amp in my e36 last night and all was working fine. I could turn everything up to max no problem. But now I have had to turn the gain, bass level and lp to a quarter turn on the amp other wise the sub thumps once then just stops. I've checked and...