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  1. 1st time BMW owner, 1st forum joined

    Hi all! First time owning a BMW - e46 - loving it!! Many dreams for upgrades in future but just enjoying the driving experience at the moment. Look forward to learning more and interacting with you all!
  2. New Member - 1st BMW

    Hi all New member here with my 1st BMW, and E92 330i SE. I spent most of my early adulthood heavily modifying Japanese cars. Then when my daughter was born I wanted 1 car to do it all so I got an RS6. As she is a bit older now and I don't need the space I have decided I can go back to having a...
  3. Hello from Sheffield & my 1st BMW

    How do, well it came time to order a new company car. Vauxhall only, so ordered a Grandland X. Co Director rang me & said I might want to cancel my order as things might change. He wouldn’t say anymore. I owe him a pint, just ordered a new 1 series M Sport.
  4. New member and 1st time BMW owner

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2001 E46 325i tourer, and I'm sure I'll have the odd question here and there as I try and keep my car in as best condition as possible. Location: Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
  5. 2004 e46 320d touring ticking under acceleration in 1st and 2nd gear @ around 2k rpm

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hello everyone, I have a 2004 320d touring and I'm getting a ticking kind of noise from the engine when accelerating in first and second gears, perhaps even third but if there is ticking it's nearly inaudible. This only happens at around 2000 rpm to around 3000 rpm. Additionally my car seems to...
  6. 2010 530d F11 clutch judder on 1st gear only

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    N57 engine with 6 speed manual. The clutch judders when I release it normally in first gear only, however if I balance it so very carefully, it won't judder. Is a new clutch needed? Forgot to mention that the clutch doesn't slip at all in all gears and at all engine speeds even if I floor the...
  7. e46 n46 1.8i - Rattle noise when moving off in 1st and 2nd

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I have recently purchased a 318ci for the summer and enjoying it at the moment (apart from the oil leaks!). However it has an annoying noise when you move off in first or reverse just as the clutch engages. It’s a sort of rattle/knocking. Lasts about 1-2 seconds then goes away until the next...
  8. 330cd 1st gear wierdness

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi, I have a 330cd with 114k on the clock that I am slowly restoring back to mint and I have a weird issue with the 1st gear. Usually when driving off in 1st the gear stick shakes/knocks side to side but then goes away after 2.5k rpm. This only happens in 1st and doesn't happen all the time...
  9. 1st BMW iv owned

    Hi all newbie alert, just bought an E61 525, having a few issues with it, problem with keys not working and turbo boost seems very low. But I'm sure I will find the solutions Live near Canterbury so if anyone could recommend a good independent specialist would be grateful All the best Paul
  10. Advice needed for possible 1st bmw ownership

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi, I am new here. I am hopefully going to buying a bmw touring estate in the next week or 2 ( still on my first car which is a Fiat Punto 18 years old and 200,000 miles on it) so my reasons for choosing a bmw are that I know I want an estate ( for my dog) so I had narrowed it down to 3...
  11. just got my 1st 335d

    hi all last night i picked up a 08 335d in black an so far love it. my friend was driving it back home for me an he put it in d/s an a menu came up on the idrive screen with gear setting (agressive etc) but he couldnt get it back up again any ideas were to find or how to get it up again....then...
  12. 1st gear power problem

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi people just found this site after having a couple of issues with “frank” e46 320d He is a 2003 model touring currently sitting on 180000 miles and now starting to have few issues I have done 72000 in 9 months So I have changed the turbo 3 months ago no issue Then frank started to try and...
  13. Just bought my 1st BMW - F31 335D

    Evening all! Thought I'd sign up as just got my 1st BMW which I pick up Friday - a 335D x drive touring in red. Going to this from a Corsa VXR Nurburgring so a very different beast but can't wait! It's a 65 plate so post facelift and a few nice options, heated seats back and front, 19s, pano...
  14. Paint Colour - BMW X1 - 1st Generation - Rear Bumper Silver Paint Scratch

    Hi There, I have a 1st Generation BMW X1 registered in March 2012. I have noticed some scratches on the rear lower bumper silver insert and have been looking for some touch up paint, however, I'm not sure of the Colour Code as BMW seem to have several versions of silver. Can anyone please...
  15. Bmw x5 e53 won't change out of 1st gear

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi new to posting help would be great full I have a x5 e53 2002 3.0d was getting trans fail safe message Fault that came up was steering angle so got a new 1 and I stead of putting that in and coding it I took it apart and replaced the broken part and put the original 1 back on problem fixed...
  16. 1st BMW

    Hi all, First time I've owned a BMW. It's a 1 series 118d SE. Few questions but I'll look round here first before asking!
  17. 2005 E83 2.0d - Kocking, locking up when turning in 1st and reverse

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    Hi Folks, I have an X3 that has developed this issue where the axles will lock up if turning at low speed in 1st or reverse gear. When I say lock up, basically you can move a small distance and then it feels like the car is stuck against something, if you put the clutch down as you start to...
  18. UK E63 Auto 1st to 2nd gear hesitation

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Hi. Can anyone help at all. I have a UK spec 630i Auto (2006). Its all good apart from a couple of things that annoy me. I am mechanically adept. (Build Motorcycles) When i start it up from cold, sometimes its very "Tappy" at the top end. Im guessing its oil flow around the cams as when...
  19. Didn’t get round to this when 1st joined

    New man here . Bought a 09 325i cabriolet last yr and loving it . Looking now to tune so any advice welcome and places to get it tuned near watford area
  20. 2004 320d - Kangaroo / Jerking in 1st & 2nd gear - Codes 3F25 P3264 4530 (1297) 3F35

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    *FIXED* 2004 320d - Kangaroo / Jerking in 1st & 2nd gear - Codes 3F25 P3264 4530 Folks - any pointers on establishing the root cause here would be much appreciated: Earlier this afternoon the car started to kangaroo in 1st and 2nd gear with even throttle applied, really disconcerting when...