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  • 6891_seb ·
    Maybe thinking of getting one sorted for December 17th? You free on that date?
    Will get a thread posted this week :)
    niall_farley ·
    sounds good mate yeh! pm me his email address please bud got a few questions for the genius! i think we should do the isle of man and th ring in one swoop mate! how awesome would that be???
    fifi'93 ·
    Perhaps, doubt i'd have long enough to get Nemo round the ring though, don't have 6 months...
    It's nothing to garish, just a little one, to make it more aerodynamic :p
    I saw a red Beetle today, but I didn't have anyone to hit :(
    fifi'93 ·
    Yeah i'm good, how was Germany?!

    I'm sticking with my Yaris, have a new spoiler & grille arriving for it soon, but i'm still holding out on a BMW in the near future :p
    84Tony ·
    how about this then mark. i phoned my insurance co. and they said i had to recover the bike from the scene of the accident myself, then they will come and pick it up from my house. after telling them how fucking stupid that was and them threatening to put the phone down if i didn't calm down i agreed to pick it up. i phoned a mate with a van but had to wait until he finished work. we got there about 6.30pm and would you believe it. some ******* low lives had nicked it. must be after the parts, engine,gearbox,wheels etc. now it's turned into a nightmare between the insurance co. and the old bill. never mind, shit happens. hope everything's ok with you. see ya soon mate
    84Tony ·
    doing ok mate but got smacked off my bike on the way to work this morning. looks like the bike might be a write off. it was only my work bike so only worth 1-2 grand. me leg is a bit bruised but i'll survive. took the front bumper off my car to repair the bottom of it that i damaged on a curb. the splitter was cracked right through nearly. filled it and rubbed it down now its ready for some primer, but i've run out of masking tape so im off to get some now. hope everything's ok with you and your cars. probably wont see you until the next meet, until then adios amigo
    rumpleforeskin ·
    Mark when we seeing some pics of your project what was it like when it come out the garage, when you gonna give me your m3:thumbsup:thumbsup
    watty17 ·
    Sorry bout the delay getting back to you Mark, havent been on the computer. An E12 M535, TIDY! Is it the one one you found in the lock up? Looking forward to the pics mate.
    watty17 ·
    Sounds good, ill be watching the thread, if your doing one. I like that 535 but im going to content myself with the 528 as it a good un and im taking my time with it.

    That tiler sounds a right clown like!
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