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  • Gabriel ·
    I'm actually called Simon (not Gabriel) and I'm 22. I live round Worthing Station way. Do you work in Worthing? Also where do you take your car when it needs a service/oil change etc...x
    Gabriel ·
    Hey Melly, I just read you live in Worthing - me too!! Glad I'm not the only one from Worthing on here!! I'm sure I've driven past you a few times!! I also have a 3 series convertible, same colour as yours but it's an E46. Starts GY04, think theres only one other thats the same year as mine. Give me a beep or a flash if you see me!! I think we were even in the same year, I went to St.Andrews...
    RJB328i ·
    hi melly
    please feel free to continue, but please be aware off dates booked ie bluewater this month and oxford in march, i mainly do the national meets and the south east but it is coming up to a busy time for me with the nationals so i wont be doing locals after say oxford, just to let you know there are a group off say 12 off us that attend every south east meet were poss, good luck and if you need anything banner etc give me a shout
    all the best

    garb85 ·
    alryt mate do you know any1 whos interested in my 320i cabby? its started burning oil, i think it could be the valve seals, I brought the car 4 2750, its done 88.5k, iv spent 1800-2000 on it an im only askin 2250? pix on profile, needs some1 to take over where i left off? money shortage
    toshiba_black ·
    lol yeah we had maths together at one point. i'll look for you on facebook :D
    I'm actually at uni up north so all depends where i am on the 13th!
    Keith2.2 ·
    meh, I'll put it with the others on my imaginary shelf.

    ...I'm concerned that nobody else can see both sides of this convo :hihi

    Some of us can see both sides:lol
    bmw3330ci ·
    Looks a possibility, got a z3 2.8 (gun metal grey) too, so will either be in the 330ci (blue) or the Z, will let ya know - what date is it again?
    G4EDW ·
    Clearly good with your hands!!! ... Your walking into these comments!!! .. just cant help myself!!!
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