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  • wildrob ·
    I am deaf
    I'd like to ask for your advice about particle filter. Display warning says Particle fitler- Possible to continues journery, Possible to reduction in engine power. Is it replace particle filter or just diesel particulate filter cleaner? When I drive 25 mins display come out warning after half hour not come warning. Few days later I switch on engine no warning then drive on motorway 70mph then display come out warning again.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this message
    Hope to hear from your reply soon
    379GBE ·
    Hi Mark sorry to bother you. I am changing to non run flats on my 335i. What do you think about just changing the rears and leaving the run flats on th4e front ?
    Or do you recommend changing all 4 ?
    swaynie ·
    hi amte ive jsut submitted a sale thread and i forgot to add pics of the springs can i add the pics after it has been approved
    rumpleforeskin ·
    hi mark tried to pm you about that tyre but dont seem to be able to at the mo, yes bring it mate and let me know what you want for it
    wo-rld ·
    Hi, you put something on my post. (Please follow forum guidelines ref titles)
    What did i do wrong or need to change.

    senseslinga ·
    hi just tried to post in the for sale sections but have noticed the alloy wheel bit at the bottom ! ! could you move the post before someone gets vexed with me again :eek:, thanks and before you ask its not those ones i was on about last time ! ! haha
    IOM328i ·
    Hi..Been looking thru the rules re: your earlier thread not comp literate..could you point me in right direction..thanks
    J4UTY ·

    I now have your attention... :) I asked several months ago about becoming a SPONSOR and had no response.
    How much would it be to become a SPONSOR as wheel dealer that is on the forum is a bedroom seller as far as we can see. This is not good for FORUMS as people need to be dealing with specialist and official shops.
    We spend a lot on marketing and branding and hopefully we can add ourselves to your FORUM.
    Make it attractive as Steve Palmer said you would look after us.

    Look forward to your reply.

    James Auty
    AKA - Projex Design Uk
    Joe316 ·
    Was hoping to make it to football tonight. First time since january i havnt been on till 2 in the morning, unfortunatly i didnt finish till 9 :/ gahh. i will make it at somepoint!!
    jimmycyn ·
    Super pics Mark. See u have 19" alloys. Bad on rough roads?
    Bull tasty? Hope no serious injuries!
    Will try to get some pics on, but computer clueless


    AeonFlox ·
    Hi Mark, a forum member recommend I ask you about your problems with your tyres on your 335i as I am having simular problems apparently.
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