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  • toddjohn57 ·
    I did the same to my z3 a few years ago and have done over a 100000 klms with no problems except for burning out the plastic idler pulleys I have spoken to Jim at downing Atlanta who admits they are rubbish.

    He suggested I source a better quality idler pulley easier said than done the hard part was finding a pulley of the approximate size with a lip impossible I have settled for 2 without any lip I hope that the lips on all the other pulleys will keep the belt on track

    I was wondering if you have had any problems with the idler pulleys if so what did you replace them with ?

    by the way it was a great idea to take the pictures of the install, they were very handy for me as it has been a few years since I installed the kit I had to replace the heater hose from the plastic coolant pipe to the back of the motor last weekend easy but fidly

    Regards johnt
    meka ·
    Alrite m8 just been checking out rims for my bimmer and see you have they hartge split rims,where did you get and what size are they ????
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