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  • Neil68 ·
    Hi just notice your wheels, they look very cool, just wondering what rims they were and what the tyre set-up is. Currently I have a e36 328i with 15'' rims 205/60, but fancied some thing a little be cooler. Thanks In advance Neil
    Gaz-e36 ·
    orite mate i was told u were the person to see about acquireing a heat shield for my 318is. ive loked everywere n cant find one but lookin at these previous messages no wonder lol if something u make. if you could get back to me would be much appreciated cheers :D
    gurthang ·
    Hi same question do you still make indution kit heat shields and if so how much for one for e36 1.8i and do you mail them ? thanks

    bit of a cheek as i dont know you but were told ur the man !
    skoda169 ·
    hi Bill Andy tells me your the man to see about a filter and heat sheild can you give me any info please
    cheers Keith
    Bogster ·
    Hi Bill, I'm looking for a heatshield (or just a template) for my E36 328 and have been told your the man to speak to . . . . . can you help please.
    Kind regards,
    Amos ·
    I dont know if i'd be too keen on travelling 2hrs for a meet any smaller than the Bluewater one. To be honest....the Audi A3 wouldnt mix in well. Lol.
    Amos ·
    Hi Bill. There has been a bit of a delay on the start of the BMW refurbishment........the Audi has broken down. Lol. So thats a no at the moment. Hope you are well.
    plumb ·
    Bill that blue I was trying to remember the name for is called "Laguna Seca".
    Told you I'd remember it when I had left. LOL
    ben e36 ·
    hi mate

    im in desprate need of one of ur heatshields for my e36 325i

    could you get back to me with a price please
    e36nickd ·
    hi Bill...yeah it was a very good meet...and yes you were missed mate:thumbsup

    Working on the car but it looks like its gonna take some time to finish but it will be worth it:hihi

    catch up soon mate:thumbsup
    RJB328i ·
    hi bill
    all done mate, have got all pipe work stock bmw parts so am well pleased, its not the performance upgrade that people been going on about mate, but i have to see after a remap mate but she does red line very easy
    see you sunday bill

    all the best mate

    e36nickd ·
    Hi mate..yeah ?yeah good to have you back online. You put yr name down for ace cafe?...little birdie tells me its yr birtheday willbe nice to all catch up and the do sumthing nice
    gap141070 ·
    how you doin mate?bit late but had look at your carbon thread bill...looks fekn awesome ma man:jaw-dropping..well done..saved yourself a mint even tho id imagine ther wouldve been a few f**ks...and ba***rds along the way:hihi..very professional...thers no way youd tell te difference from ready made carbon!my complete dash is in the post:D..take it easy pal!see you soon.:thumbsup
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