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  • Mrs RYM ·
    Hey hun where are you when I need you :lol there have been some rather interesting threads going on here and I have needed my Partner in crime :rofl

    So are you going to the Peas Pottage meet hun as we are hopefully going to be there and would be GREAT to see you both :D

    Well hope everything is ok with you and the family

    Chat soon x
    Mrs RYM ·
    Hey hun how are you and the gang, good I hope :cool

    Happy New Year to you too, hope you had a great one :thumbsup

    Blimey hun you were on here early this morning :lol We seem to pass each other all the time :laughing
    Mrs RYM ·
    Hi hun, Yes Julie is 328mark's partner who we met at the latest BMW show. I thought we needed more partners on here for us to chat with, y should the men have all the fun hey :lol
    Mrs RYM ·
    :lol Kirst you have to check out what I just posted in the Wags group section :laughing

    Hope all is well xx
    Mrs RYM ·
    Well hello there hun, long time no speak :hihi
    Yes the wedding was amazing, just like a real fantasy wedding :)
    Happy birthday to you, your daughter and your son. Moving house yes I remember, what a nightmare :lol But hope it went smoothly enough, although I do like the decorating part, it's nice when you do it to your choice and design.

    So what car have you got now, Im guessing you had enough of the smart car then :laughing And please dont leave the forum because you no longer have a BMW as you will always be a BMW driver now, besides I haven't been on for ages as it is not the same being the only women thats post's now :lol

    Oh and yes we sold the Zafira like 2 weeks before the wedding so was very close :)
    Mrs RYM ·
    hi luv, yes it's been ages, where have u been lol, I haven't been on much myself
    All is good thanx :) how about you xx
    Mrs RYM ·
    Thanx luv but apart from the usual motherly duties I never really done squat :frown
    Nothing new there though, how about you, doing anything fun this weekend

    Thought I would post as you don't seem to have been on much
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