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  • meo ·
    I have a 1997 318i automatic saloon.
    i read your post:
    Unfortunately, the ads switchbox is hard to find and what i did find was not accessible to me.
    While searching for the switchbox i came across this; Shop inpa obd ads online - Buy inpa obd ads for unbeatable low prices on

    I'd like to know whether you have tried it out and if it is good replacement for the ADS switchbox you recommended.
    Please let me know what your thought are on it, especially the problems i may face.

    belchandstench ·
    Hey Mr Doggy
    Sorry I dont mean to be a nuisance but..........
    Can i please come to your home sometime soon where hopefully you can help me configure inpa on my usb laptop so I can fix my ABS/ASC module issues. Ive changed ABS module recently and need to make lights go out.
    Im quite elderly and not too good with tech stuff or interpreting threads and Hope Cheshire is the one in England
    keve39 ·
    need to pic ya brains if i can you seem one of the most clued up. I have a 97 520 with the m52 lump it coughs hesitates and is as slow as a fiat panda of the lights it just bogs down,
    i have fault code 215 o2 sensor bank 1 / asr/msr/eml interface not ok?
    Prob is i have changed o2 sensor in bank 1 the fault is still there car is still pants what am i missing please help!!!!
    jas1 ·
    Been reading your Posts and in Particular the 'Idiots Guide' threads you started.

    Just wanted to say "You are a Star mate!"

    Your stuff is highly appreciated.

    Thanks :thumbsup
    dellboy1959 ·
    Hi DD,Having been on here for some time now it would appear that we both come from the same mold so i thought i would take the next step and go for the befriend gubins/bollocks lol.
    BMWWeekendMech ·
    Hi, Could you possibly assist?
    Thread "E46 325ti 2001 - DSC & Brake warning light"
    Got the fault code 5e20, just trying to identify where the sensors is. couple screen captures on the thread with diag window and fault code using INPA.

    Sorry to contact directly,
    Mace ·
    DailyDoggy, just a quick one to say thankyou regarding the solenoid O-Rings, as you say easy as that, changed gearbox today, can you help with the seperator question, you seem to be the most knowledgeable. many thanks.
    saint-sal ·
    Hi doggy,
    i have been reading the support you gave to many people on here. I would like to say thanks on behalf to every single internet user that read your posts without thanking you. I has help me a lot with my B-MA.

    now i am facing a heating issue, and trust me this car is testing my patience. since Dec 2010 i have no heating. I have change the water pump, the thermostat, the final stage resistor. i drive a e46-316ti compact, the heating work on one side and the auto climate take time to pick up speed and the maximum it reaches is the middle, just under the "o" of Auto. please can you help me??
    Nav320D ·
    I have recently purchased 320D, 150bhp 2004 (54 plate) BMW. It has had full service history since 97K miles from BMW Sytner dealers. Currently done 110K miles, driving to leicester it started to make tapping noise I didn’t think much of it as it was intermittent, arriving home after 40-45 miles I noticed one of the belts (the one closest to the radiator) had fallen of and was sitting on the under tray of the car, also I have noticed a lot silver metal filing around that part of the engine.

    It will go to an approved BMW garage for repair anything else I should be sorting out whilst they put the belt back on and how much damage do you think I may have done (financially & parts).
    frank ·
    Hi,Please could you help me.I have a 2002 316ti compact,had it serviced before xmas,it is revving when stood from 1000 revs to 2000 revs and then straight back down again,i disconnected the air flow meter and this stopped although it ran very flat but i have replaced the air flow meter and the revving has started again! Any ideas what next?
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