hi there everyone i recently brought a obd 2 cable for my bmw e46 318ise and i also brought some software to do all the other things you can do to the car and the problem i am having is that the obd 2 cable is not being recongised by the car and also i have used the windows atomatic install to install the obd cable and not the disc that come with the cable and i was wondered why the other obd software program that i brought did not recogise the car so i tryed out all the other com ports on the obd software program i brought then i looked in device manager for the cable and i found out that it was on com 6 that was not listed in the obd software program i brought so i change the com port in device manager to com 4 then it said it is in use so i clicked it anyway then i went back to the obd software that i brought and change the com port to 4 then press ok on the software then all of a sudden when i turned on the ignition to do the diagnostic the car stalled then when the aa come out later they said it had not enought power in the battery to start the car then the next day i brought another battery as the other one had died and i was wondering how to get the obd cable to work with the car.

this is my spec on laptop i used windows 7 32 bit compaq laptop

here is the obd cable i brought

here is my other software i brought to do all the other stuff to the car
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