Hi all I have plugged my car in to my inpa and had a look through everything and am stuck on three things.

1. I have read the codes and no errors found but when I go into engine and my ecu it
all works fine and car seems to run ok, but if I go into Status f5 I THINK and look at the inlet air and water temp section all looks good except needed air I.S. controller says around !21-23! when running and scale stops at 20? Any info/help on this would be very helpful.

2. My second problem is that if I go into activate f6 I THINK and test injectors, air con relay, fan etc etc, when I checked fuel system f3 after f6 I THINK it says check tank vacumm running losses and is measuring !36 when running and scale only goes to 20 and when I switch the engine off it drops to about 24 and I can hear air being released from what looks to be a small black cylinder just under and in front of the battery with a small wiring plug? again any info/help would be superb

3. I am unsure what the cat section should be reading? I know this question is vague but any info/help would be good.

Many thanks in advance.