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    I see a lot of IPO files....these came furnished with the INPA Ediabas program. Can this be moved, copied, deleted between INPA versions by the user? Where does one get more information about the "built in Script generator" (preferably in English). Perhaps there's a layman's set of tools for user's of INPA.

    ron_of_orange 7:23pm PDT

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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You don't need to edit the scripts, you don't need to copy or paste them. If you are done with fixing your engine issues, try the ncs expert threads to code drive away locking or comfort closure.

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    I just copied this from the thread on the other forum that Ron_of_orange has referenced. You can change around what is viewable on the main screen of INPA very easily. I have atatched a copy of my own modified INPA.ini file that anyone can try out on their own version of INPA, and it is easily reversible.

    Please see attached a copy of my INPA.ini file. To use it do the following:

    1. Go to the folder C:\EC-APPS\INPA\CFGDAT
    2. Rename your existing inpa.ini file to inpa.old. This will allow you to revert back to your old inpa.ini if anything goes wrong
    3. Save the attached file in the folder: C:\EC-APPS\INPA\CFGDAT
    4. Open the file you have just saved (using notepad), then click File -> Save As -> inpa.ini. Don't forget to change the "Save As type" to "All Files", other
    wise it will not work. See the image "inpa.ini-pic" below.

    Now Open INPA as you did before & you'll see a customised home screen, with the e39 on the front page.

    INPA.ini - pic.JPG


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    If you want to know know to change the ini files yourself then it is as simple as editing any of the .ini or ENG files in the folder:


    Take the example of the extract from INPA.ini below:

    F2 = E46
    F2_Text = E46 3er
    F2_ARCHIV = SGBD_E46

    F3 = E39
    F3_Text = E39 5er
    F3_ARCHIV = SGBD_E39

    F4 = E60
    F4_Text = E60 (E63, E64) / 5er, 6er
    F4_ARCHIV = SGBD_E60

    Look at the "F3" entries:

    1. The first line is what is displayed in the F3 box on INPA home screen.
    2. The second line is what is displayed in the main screen.
    3. The third line is the file that is actually called with F3 is pressed/selected.

    See the image below:

    INPA Home screen.jpg

    Similarly you can edit the Sub-Menus by changing the ENG file. Here's an example of the e39 ENG file below. You can see the items for the sub-menu for engine in blue, transmission in green, Bodey Equipment in red & Communication in purple. Where it says "Entry =" it means what follows is the file that will be called when this entry is selected. The item before the comma is the file called, the text after the comma is the description in the sub-menu.
    For example:

    ENTRY = DDE22,DDE 2.2 for M51
    The file called is: DDE22.prg (from SGDAT folder)
    The text displayed in the sub-menu is: DDE 2.2 for M51

    Where there is "Entry=,," this means it will just be a blank line in the sub-menu.
    Where there is a semi-colon ; it means the line is just a comment & will not display in the sub-menu.


    ;ENTRY= DDE22,DDE 2.2 for M51,
    ;ENTRY= DDE30,DDE 3.0 for M47,
    ENTRY= DDE40,DDE 4.0 for M57,
    ENTRY= DME17,DME 1.7 for M43,
    ENTRY= DME528,DME 5.2 for M62,
    ;ENTRY= DME5218,DME 5.21 for M62 MJ 98,
    ENTRY= ME72,ME 7.2 for M62 MJ 99,
    ENTRY= MS410,MS 41.0 for M52,
    ENTRY= MS411,MS 41.1 for M52 US with OBDII,
    ENTRY= MS420,MS 42.0 for M52 new,
    ENTRY= MS430,MS 43.0 for M54,
    ENTRY= MSS52M5,MS S52 for S62 M5,
    ENTRY= CARB,Carb-Interface,

    ENTRY= gsds2,GS8.xx / GS 20,

    ENTRY= absasc5,ABS5 ASC5 DSC5 DSC3,
    ENTRY= edc,Electronic damper control EDC,
    ENTRY= ehc,1-axle Air Suspension EHC
    ENTRY= lws5,Steering angle sensor,
    ENTRY= rdc,Tire pressure control RDC,
    ENTRY= dws,Deflation warning system DWS,

    ENTRY= airbag,Airbag,
    ENTRY= a-sitz,Active seat,
    ENTRY= ews,Electronic vehicle immobilization EWS,
    ENTRY= fern_ss,Remote controls,
    ENTRY= hkm,Trunk lid module,
    ENTRY= ihka39,Air conditioning,
    ENTRY= kombi,Instrument cluster KOMBI / IKE,
    ENTRY= lwr2a,Headlight vertical aim control LWR2A,
    ENTRY= lcm,Light and check module LCM,
    ENTRY= mfl,Multi functional steering wheel MFL,
    ENTRY= pdc,Park distance control PDC,
    ENTRY= aic,Rain sensor AIC,
    ENTRY= rls_ds2,Rain and light sensor RLS,
    ENTRY= szm,Middle console center switch,
    ENTRY= gr2,Cruise control GR2,
    ENTRY= zke3,Central body electronics ZKE3,
    ENTRY=zuheizer,Additional heater diesel / Park heating,

    DESCRIPTION=Communication systems
    ENTRY=bordmoni,On bord monitor,
    ENTRY= bm_wide,Widescreen monitor,
    ENTRY= CDC,CD changer,
    ENTRY= dsp,Dynamic sound processor DSP booster,
    ENTRY= iris,Integrated Radio Information system IRIS,
    ENTRY= navigat,Navigation system,
    ENTRY= navi,Navigation computer,
    ENTRY= nav_jap,Navigation computer Japan,
    ENTRY= radio,Radio,
    ENTRY= ses,Speech input system SES,
    ENTRY= telefon,Telephone,
    ENTRY=video_gt,Video module graphical component,
    ENTRY=video_tv,Video module TV component,
    ENTRY=videomod,Video module,
    ENTRY= zis,Multi functional display MID (ZIS),
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  10. Missing e39 M51 eng file 
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    Hello, can you send me the e39.eng file? i not have. But i have a 525tds and i would like diagnostic. Thank you so much from Hungary

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