Popping my 'first post cherry' with this so be kind...!

Bought a 318ti M Sport recently and after a few weeks it threw an airbag light.

Did a bit of searching around and thought it might be the passenger occupancy sensor. I made a bypass switch but still the problem persisted. Decided to take the car to a local garage for a diagnostic who charged me £15.00 to tell me it's the drivers side seatbelt pre tensioner.

So, sourced a new one and now need the light turning off as hopefully it's fixed.

Had thought of going back to the garage but I'm loathed to pay another £15.00, but instead would rather give a fellow BMW owner a crate of beer if they can help me out..! Money well spent in my eyes..!

Also, I now have an engine warning light and I'm pretty sure it's one of the O2 sensors but need clarification.

If there is anyone in the Grantham, Peterborough, Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark area that has the software to help me out I am more than willing to pay with beer...!